David Lifshultz: The Second American Revolution?

Cultural Intelligence

The Second American Revolution
The following essay discusses the concept of BBB or build back better after the great destruction that has been delivered to the economies of the world by lockdowns. The plan is to create a reset or a better economy after this destruction. First of all, this was a preplanned effort to demolish the world economy for the purpose of the reset and really has nothing to do with the so-called coronavirus which is basically the influenza virus that has totally disappeared replaced with a propaganda fiction called coronavirus that in itself has never been isolated or proven.

The PCR test is a fraud in that it created hundreds of millions if not billions of positives though it was known this would happen based on the number of cycles used above 35 would create false positives in over 95% of the cases.  If we had given this test in 2019, the results would have been about the same as today and we could have had the coronavirus then. Our intelligence sources say this was planned in 2019 for the reset though it was being considered for a while before that.  The true world death rates is about the same.

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