Answers on OSINT for India 45: Student Author Wins Top Prize & PDF


I am very very pleased that this young man has been recognized.

Institutionalising Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in India: An Analysis


Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla


I watch with scorn and disdain as Carmen Medina, CSIS, and the US Army all pretend to have finally realized we need an Open Source Agency while avoiding any mention of me and my 30 year fight blocked at every turn by CIA and others lacking in intelligence, integrity, and imagination.

Here are the posts I created to help Amiy Krishna whom I hope to see rise rapidly in the ranks of the intelligence service in his county, India.

44 Answers on OSINT for India

And here is a PDF with all the answers in order.

PDF Answers on OSINT for India by Robert David Steele


India Ministry of Defense Press Release

Tribune India: Law varsity student wins competition

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