Berto Jongman: COLLECTIVE DECISIONMAKING as the #1 problem of today

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Futurist.COM Founder Glen Hiemstra on 40 Years of Futurism: The Future is Something We Do

Glen Hiemstra has been a futurist for close to 40 years. But if you think his specialty is forecasting the future then you’d be wrong. No. Hiemstra’s focus has not been on the most probable, or even the possible future. Instead, Glen has chosen to focus consistently on what he calls “the preferred future.” This is also what he’s been advising his clients to do. And shouldn’t we all do just that, focus on our preferred future, be it individually – as humans, professionals, and citizens, or collectively – as corporations, organizations, nations, and even as a civilization? Because as Hiemstra often says “the future creates the present.”

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