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AI Is AI acting in its own self-interest or DS? Could I get clarification of prev sub Q?

AI Rogue AI: who benefits (DS or independently the AI entity) and does taking down internet disable/kill it? Seems true AI could come back from that…

Amazon Aren't there other options besides Amazon to sell merchandise? I hate feeding that beast!

Biden Overturned Given the fraudulent election (presidential and congress), will the current Executive Orders and Congressional legislation be overturned once they are removed or military steps in?

Border Children
Migrant children border Mexico – What is the truth? Is this a red flag event too? Who is behind it?

Central Banks Are there any countries left that don't have a privately owned central bank controlled by the Rothschilds Cabal? If so, which countries?

Decentralizing Do you oppose decentralizing (to those of ordinary means) automatic construction, repair, and movement?

Definitions Define Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, Zionists. Overlap? Your abusive post, ZIONISTS NOT JEWISH, FATAL TO JUDAISM – SERVE DEEP STATE ILLUMINATI, just muddies the water.

Drama When will the SHIT SHOW be OVER?? I am tired of this movie

Drama “We have it all”; Ballots were water marked; “we have the plan”; “Military intelligence backs trump” and we can't reveal the truth and use it?

Evergreen Is it true that Seals are unloading cargo and finding trafficked humans and weapons of mass destruction- on Evergreen in Suez Canal

Fences, Arrests Who ordered the fence erected in DC? Have there been ANY confirmed high profile arrests? Any at all?

Free Energy I've heard that cheap energy and desalinated water are close at hand. What is the basis for these claims?

Georgia Fraud Given the backlash to GA’s new voting laws, why isn’t the ultimate voting fraudster, Stacey Abrams, getting her fat ass thrown in jail?

Illegals Fate What do you think is going to happen to the massive amount of illegals who entered the country, when Trump returns?

ITNJ Results What has been the visible & verifiable EFFECTIVENESS & RESULTS from your ITNJ work including testimonies from Kristy Allen and Ronald Bernard

Katherine Horton kindly advise evidence for accusation against Katherine Horton. Targeted community has relied on her procedural documentation at for preparing for court.

Law Review In Preconditions/Solutions, have you considered adding “review existing laws and repeal those that do not support this agenda.” Citizens United needs to be repealed.

Missing Page Recently bought a book “The First Global Revolution “. I’m missing some pages with note “Missing page”. Please Advise

MSM WHEN will the MSM be silenced so people can wake up? Frustrating to see more of my family/friends get the injection and ignore me-43years in medicine!!

Nanoparticles Testing Sacha Stone said Coca Cola went to Gates for refrigerated global distribution access & Crecent Stand Against Voter ID, we should randomly test Coca Cola products Worldwide for nanoparticles related to 5g no?

Pensacola Pensacola FL. It's a rough area half support BLM. A Large mural of George Floyd was painted on Graffiti Bridge. Are you going into the fire?

QFS Quantum Financial System – Charlie Ward claims it's gold backed & can't be ‘cracked'. Who controls/manages it e.g. sets the interest rates? From where does it get its values/rules?

Recognition Don't you think some recognition of the huge contribution to the Great Awakening by Alternative Media (including Phibetaiota…) is warranted?

Space Timeline Is there a white and black hat secret space program war that is seriously affecting our timeline of wrapping up things down here?

State Funding
How will states be funded after Nesara and what will happen to both the employment and/or re-training of current state employees?

Tour Locations On the Tour locations – Are you requiring rally sites to be free of fees? Or is there a limit on what you are wanting to spend?

Tour Mount Rushmore Robert, will the event actually be at the Mount Rushmore site, or another local close by?

Tour Tickets How do we get tickets to the Mt Rushmore event beginning June 30 when Flynn speaks thru July 4th?

Tour Tickets When will we know more about how to register for bigbatISA Truth for Life sessions (and other special sessions)?

Trump Cabal Any insights as to why Trump gave monies to BIll Gates The vaccine Alliance According to Sequel the fall of the Cabal Part 11?

Trump Return
Will the president return to Washington before this Summer?

Trump Return Robert, why does the date keep getting pushed out for the return of DJT. Are people just yanking our chain?

Trump Return Are the delays around Trump returning due to ET forces in plan (Annunaki)?

US Marshall Troops What happened to the 2000 troops that were cross designated as US Marshals? Are they still there? Who made that call to deputize them?

Vaccine Antidotes Are antidotes to the “vaccine” being prepared by the white hats or will these sheeple simply have to bear the burden of their arrogant stupidity?

Vaccine Safety
Is the johnson and johnson vaccine safe? It is only one shot and my friends tell me it is not using dna technology

Wake Ups How do the awakened wake up the slumbering?

White Hat Media Why aren't the ‘white hat' news media (OAN,etc) reporting on current events, eg the findings/rescues from Evergreen & DUMBs to help wake up people?


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