Anthony Judge: Encoding Coherent Topic Transformation in Global Dialogue

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Encoding Coherent Topic Transformation in Global Dialogue
Memorability of cognitive implication in symmetry-preserving operations on polyhedra

Overview of a variety of approaches to dialogue and conversation
Uniquely indicative encoding of processes of educational dialogue
Controversies and consensus in dialogue research
Uniquely systematic approach of potential relevance to dialogue
Metaphors of dialogue and dialogue through metaphor
Re-cognition of N-fold sets of “modes”, “ways”, “moves” and “ploys”
Potential relevance of unrelated patterns of order to dialogue transformation
Re-cognition of clustering of fundamental N-fold sets
“Cognitive tiling” or “conceptual tiling”?
Cognitive implications of operational modification of polyhedra — “global tiling”
Dialogue coherence through formalization of local symmetry-preserving operations
Operations transforming polyhedra as modelling transformations of dialogue coherence
Rendering a 64-fold pattern dynamically comprehensible via 20-fold and 12-fold patterns
Dialogue interpreted morphogenetically
Dialogue as a navigational challenge in knowledge space
Global dialogue via a 17-fold pattern of Sustainable Development Goals?
Embodiment of dialogue operations in crafts and skills

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