Mongoose: Is NASA A Satanic Freemason Moneylaundering & Mind Control Bastion Serving the Deep State? The Apollo Hoax Revisted

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The conspiracy theorists claim that NASA landed twelve Freemasons on the “moon”, but they remain noticeably silent when asked to explain the following simple facts that all prove that THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ARE WRONG. Nowadays, even NASA openly admits that it never yet brought humans past Low Earth Orbit. Only around 30 proofs are listed here, but a total of more than 1000 proofs exist that can be found all across the internet:

  1. The end of the “Great Apollo Debate” actually came in 2001 when still-unknown “White Hats” (friends and helpers) within NASA gave official footage to the young director Bart Sibrel for his documentary “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. That official NASA film gave forensic proof that all three Apollo 11 “astronauts” Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins had an ALIBI: They were in “Low Earth Orbit” at 8:29 PM on the 200th day of the year, 20 Jul 1969. The Sibrel documentary is available in EN and DE. See also here:

  1. The expected steam-cloud did not appear when the Apollo11 heat-shield at 1500°C hit the ocean at 10°C. The expected giant steam-cloud was not seen. A giant steam-cloud should have been visible for a radius of 50 km, as you also expect if you throw a hot iron into a cold bathtub, but no steam whatsoever showed up for the alleged Apollo11 splashdown. Today, we know there was no steam-cloud since NASA faked the splashdown by throwing the “ReEntry Capsule” along with the “astronauts” from a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy;
  2. The “astronauts” did not cook or grill on the “moon”, although the average temperature on the moon's surface is 108°C (immediately after sunrise) and rises much higher at noontide on the moon;
  3. In the Apollo picture “AS16-117-18841”, the family photo of the “astronaut” named Duke is NOT shown to be melting as expected, although the average temperature on the lunar surface is 108°C (after sunrise);
  4. The temperature in space is MINUS 270°C. How did the “astronauts” survive the very long journey totaling roughly 770,000 km at MINUS 270°C? Would that work for you in a car by a leading manufacturer? If you drove your Ford for 8 days in MINUS 270°C, would you freeze or would you survive? What happens? And how did Apollo equipment like cameras, film etc. survive these temperatures and moreover these huge fluctuations in temperature? What kind of wonderful heating system did the Apollo craft have?
  5. The Apollo photo “AS11-37-5437” shows the Apollo11 casting a crisp shadow at least 50 times larger than the lunar crater Maskelyne, which has a diameter of 22 km. The meaning of this astonishing “visual claim” can be gleaned from this comparison: Basically, with this photo, NASA is claiming that the shadow of the Apollo 11 craft was as big as all of Eastern France or all of Southern Germany when Apollo 11 was trying to land in Switzerland. Did it work for you too? Did your 747 cast a huge crisp shadow over half of Quebec or New England when you last landed in NYC? What “sun” (or studio-light) made this huge crisp shadow?
  6. NASA claims that there is no atmosphere on the “moon”. But that means there were many phenomena that were impossible in a vacuum which thus remain unexplained, like the ignition of combustion engines supposedly on the surface of the moon (impossible in a vacuum), the successful recording of many noises such as thuds, which are clearly audible in the Apollo movies (impossible in a vacuum), and the ignition of the engine of the Apollo craft to start the “journey” back to Earth (impossible in a vacuum). Thrust is also impossible in a vacuum, and that means that the “Lunar Rover” cannot have driven around on the “moon”;
  7. The following Apollo movie shows how NASA left the cameraman on the moon, but NASA never awarded this cameraman a medal and never had him celebrated as a national hero. Here too, you can see how the Apollo 17 craft allegedly succeeded in starting its engine in a total vacuum in order to “fly” back to Earth:

  1. The temperature of the surface of the moon is 108°C after sunrise, but at night it is MINUS 130°C. How did the Kodak film in the cameras (which had no viewfinder) not melt or freeze in these conditions, and also when it was traveling through “space” at MINUS 270°C? Was there really no damage to the equipment caused by these huge temperature fluctuations? Also, how did the Kodak film remain completely intact despite all the gamma radiation in space and on the “moon”?
  2. On the entertainment website NASA.GOV, you can find the document LRV_OpsNAS8-25145.pdf that has all the technical specifications for the “Lunar Rover” studio-prop. It says that the “Maximum Operating Temperature” of the battery of the “Lunar Rover” studio-prop has a maximum upper limit of 41°C (105°F). How did the “astronauts” “drive around” without a functioning battery on the “moon”, where after sunrise the temperature is 108°C and then rises much higher? How did the battery work when it was being used way above the 41°C limit? How did the “Lunar Rover” studio-prop even drive when no thrust is possible in the lunar vacuum? See also PDF:
  3. NASA claims that its studio-prop “Lunar Rover” had inflatable tires. How come these inflatable tires did not explode at a temperature of 108°C on the surface of the moon (after sunrise)? And, in the lunar vacuum, where did the air come from to inflate these tires or to keep them inflated? If NASA used solid-tires instead of inflatable tires, then why did the solid-tires not melt at a temperature of 108°C on the lunar surface?
  4. In 2009 the Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) announced that a “moon rock” donated by NASA was in fact a piece of petrified wood from Earth. In reality, Wernher von Braun personally collected the “moon rocks” in Antarctica in the local summer of 1966-67, which NASA then sold as counterfeit “moon rocks”.
  5. On the real moon, micrometeorites rain down constantly at a speed of over 60,000 kph. But none of the “astronauts” suffered any injuries. And no insurance damage was reported on the “vehicles” or any other movie-props. We all know that this problem did not happen because NASA faked it all in a film studio.
  6. The engines of the Apollo “spacecraft” were very noisy and operated at 150 dB. But no major noise was audible in the conversations transmitted between the “astronauts” and Houston. Today, we know that the engines were not needed, since no journey took place, so the transmissions were glorified “radio plays”.
  7. NASA deployed the “Tetra A” satellite for sending test data to Houston during the “test missions” Apollo 1 to 10. But then, shortly before the Apollo 11 “mission”, NASA's management reported that the “Tetra A” had “accidentally burned up”. If “Tetra A” was still alive for Apollo11-Apollo17, then we know how NASA deceived its own engineers in Houston; by sending test signals that the engineers “assumed were real”.
  8. NASA claims that 5771 photos were taken (perfectly focused, but without any built-in viewfinder in the Swedish Hasselblad cameras) in Apollo11 to Apollo17 (leaving out the “radio play” that was Apollo13). The total time on the “moon” was 4834 minutes. That would mean one photo was taken every 50 seconds. But that simply cannot be if the “astronauts” also had to work at their proper tasks in their short time there. Of course, the perfectly focused photos look as if they were in fact taken by Madison Avenue professionals.
  9. The zero delay on the phone-line between DC, Florida, “Moon”, Florida, DC was much too short for 1969 when the Nixon-Armstrong phone-call took place. The expected delay of 2-3 seconds in both directions did not materialize. Instead, it sounded as if Armstrong was sitting close-by in the next room or the film-studio;
  10. In order to escape the atmosphere of the “moon”, NASA designed a hypergolic propellant that contained unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) in combination with dinitrogen tetroxide (DNT) for the “lunar module”. Cloudy, opaque, dark-red vapors were expected when the UDMH fuel came in contact with the DNT oxidizer, but no such vapors are visible in the color Apollo movies for the missions Apollo15-Apollo17 when the “Lunar Module” each time allegedly starts its engine in the moon vacuum to leave the “moon”.
  11. For engineers: The Saturn V engines never even had the power to escape the Earth's gravity in order to send craft to the “moon”. Even according to CIA-censored WickedPedia, the Rocketdyne F-1 engines of the first stage had an exhaust velocity of 2390 meters per second, or 1.48 miles per second, hence 5352 MPH. But CIA-censored WickedPedia also states that the rocket traveled 58 miles downrange and climbed to 42 miles in altitude, where the first stage burned out after 150 seconds. The rocket thus covered a distance of 72 miles from the launch pad. Its speed could only have been 0.48 miles per second, or 1728 MPH, not 5352 MPH as NASA claims. The ascent of the first stage was well within the view of eyewitnesses on land and sea, so the 72 mile distance must be correct. But the official-“truth” figure of 5352 MPH for the exhaust velocity of the F-1 clearly contradicts observation. If the speed of the rocket was only 1728 MPH at the end of the first stage, it is not clear how the Rocketdyne J-2 engines of the second and third stages could ever have accelerated the rocket to the 24,000 MPH needed to escape the Earth's gravity, even if their stated exhaust velocity of 9374 MPH really had been the correct value. The suspicion arises that, in its official-“truth” narrative, NASA vastly exaggerated the exhaust velocity not just of the F-1 engine but also that of the J-2. In that case, the Apollo rockets could only reach, at best, Low Earth Orbit. NASA still cannot explain how the Saturn V accelerated to 24,000 MPH given all the facts mentioned here.
  12. Natasha Armstrong-Warner (sister of “astronaut” Neil Armstrong) said that Armstrong only went to the “moon” when he was high on the LSD that NASA gave him. Your can verify this, her testimony, here:

  1. Starting at an altitude of 1,000 miles until at least 15,000 miles above the Earth, NASA claims that deadly bands of radiation appear known as VARBs (Van Allen Radiation Belts). Any “astronaut” traveling through the VARBs would within minutes have been killed or rendered seriously ill by the radiation. To survive the hour-and-a-half journey through this deadly radiation field so as to reach the moon AND then return, a two-meter-thick layer of lead-shielding would have been needed to protect the “astronauts” from the radiation. But the Saturn V rocket carried all of the vehicles (props) used by Apollo and it was already the size of a battleship. So, any additional weight in the form of a lead barrier-shield would have made it impossible for the Saturn V rocket to take off from the ground, in the name of “merely” well-protecting the “astronauts”. Until his death in 2006, even James Van Allen himself continued to state that humans cannot make it through the VARBs unless enormous lead protections are provided for BOTH directions (exit and reentry).
  2. According to ILC Dover, the spacesuits it made for the Apollo “astronauts” did not provide any protection against radiation, heat or cold. The fact that none of the “astronauts” was injured or killed by radiation, heat or cold in “space” or on the “moon” proves beyond a doubt that the Apollo Hoax was shot in film studios.
  3. The descent-engine of the “Lunar Module” left no landing crater, although its engine supposedly had a thrust of 2,500 newtons. The real reason there was no crater was because NASA forgot to fake a crater. The following picture shows the amateurish NASA hoax that was the Apollo 11 studio “landing pad”:

  1. On the “moon”, the “astronauts” “forgot” to do either of the two most logical camera moves in all of cinema history (and we must bear in mind that this was one of the biggest movies in all of cinema history): a 180-degree or 360-degree rotation or revolution. This is because NASA ordered the camera-people in their film studio never to embarrass NASA by showing their “football-field-sized film studio” to the whole world.
  2. In the 1990s, thousands of computer users opened Adobe Photoshop and were now for the first time able to prove that the “Earthrise” photo was in fact a fake. By simply increasing the exposure level, you can clearly see that NASA actually stuck a rectangular “Earth” poster on the background of its 1968 photo and then released the resulting faked composite as its “Earthrise” photo. But even today in 2021, there has never been a single photo of the Earth taken from “space”. So, please find me the very first real photo!
  3. In the Apollo “moon” movies, there are several sequences in which two “astronauts” of roughly the same body-height had different shadow lengths. That is really very easy to explain. The “astronaut” closer to the spotlight in the NASA film studio had a longer shadow, and vice versa.
  4. In most of the dazzling “moon” photos, the “moon” horizon is visible both behind the “astronaut” and in his visor. Did this work for you the last time you took a similar photo on the beach? Were two horizons visible in the photo? That could never happen on the real moon, because it would mean that the real girth of the “moon” would only have been about as large as, for instance, NASA's “football-field-sized film studio”.
  5. Dr Roel van der Meulen of the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands said the “moon landings” never took place and were in fact filmed by director Stanley Kubrick on a soundstage in Huntsville-Alabama shortly after Kubrick completed his movie “2001; A Space Idiocy”. The Zionist power-elite blackmailed him on account of his brother Raul being a suspected communist through involvement in the US communist party.
  6. Even NASA “astronauts” like Dr Brian O'Leary stated that the Apollo missions were a hoax. In revenge for his revelations, Dr Brian O'Leary was murdered in 2011 by the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA gave the very healthy Dr Brian O'Leary a massive dose of fast-acting cancer.
  7. NASA “astronaut” James Irwin (of the Apollo15 Hoax) was about to confess the truth to author Bill Kaysing in 1991 about the Apollo Hoax when he was murdered by the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  8. NASA always had dark-occult roots. Originally, it was founded by Satanists and Freemasons who openly practiced the occult. Big names who came together in the very early days of NASA during WW2 included Satanist Aleister Crowley, dark-occult Satanist L Ron Hubbard (sci-fi author and Scientology founder) and Satanist Jack Parsons (with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) still nicknamed “Jack Parsons Laboratory”).
  9. In general, the entertainment company NASA keeps all its secrets by way of Zionist Freemasonry. All top NASA men must be 32nd-degree Zionist Freemasons or higher. An inordinate number of top NASA men and “astronauts” are (or were) openly Freemasons and many of them came from Freemasonic families. It is likely that even more “astronauts” and key NASA men are affiliated with the satanic brotherhood too, but are (or were) not that open about their membership. C Fred Kleinknecht, a top NASA executive at the time of Project Apollo Hoax, was later made “Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd-degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction”; James Webb, the second NASA administrator, was a 33rd-degree Freemason; Buzz Aldrin was a 33rd-degree Freemason of Montclair Lodge 144 in NJ; Gordon Cooper (Mercury 9, Gemini 5) was a 33rd-degree master Freemason of Carbondale Lodge 82 in Colorado; Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 Hoax) was a 33rd-degree Freemason of Artesta Lodge 29 in New Mexico; Donn Eisele (Apollo 7 Hoax) was a Freemason of Luther Turner Lodge 732 in Ohio; John Glenn (Mercury 6) was a Freemason; Gus Grissom (Apollo 1, Mercury 5, Gemini 3) was a master Freemason of Mitchell Lodge 228 Indiana; James Irwin (who lied about walking on the “moon” in the Apollo 15 Hoax) was a Freemason of Tejón Lodge 104 in Colorado Springs; Walter Schirra (Apollo 7 Hoax, Sigma 7, Gemini 6, Mercury 8) was a 33rd-degree Freemason of Canaveral Lodge 339 in Florida; Thomas Stafford (Apollo 10 and 18 Hoaxes, Gemini 7 and 9) was a Freemason of Western Star Lodge 138 in Oklahoma; Paul Weitz (Skylab 2, Challenger) was a Freemason of Lawrence Lodge 708 in Pennsylvania; Neil Armstrong, Alan Shepard, William Pogue, Vance Brand and Anthony England all had fathers who were Freemasons too. Freemasonry values bloodline-continuity of third-generation and more.
  10. The majority of all ordinary thinking people in the world confirm that Apollo was a very elaborate hoax.
  11. The majority of science professors in the world confirm that Apollo was a very elaborate hoax.
  12. The majority of civilians in Russia and Japan today confirm that Apollo was a very elaborate hoax.
  13. The majority of contractors working for NASA today confirm that Apollo was a very elaborate hoax.
  14. One of the primary proofs that Apollo 11 was a hoax is in the symbolism and numerology that the NASA Freemasons deployed for Apollo 11. All top NASA employees (including “astronauts”) must be members of Zionist Freemasonry. NASA named the hoax after Apollo (the Greek version of the Freemasonic sun-god Lucifer) and it claimed that 12 Freemasons, supposed to symbolize 12 months of the solar year, landed on the “moon”. The most popular number that Freemasons deploy for operations of ceremonial black magic (Magick) is 11, with the occult arcanum 11 standing for “Work With Fire”. Satanist Aleister Crowley stated: “11 is the number of Black Magick in itself and therefore suitable for all types of operation … the unsacred number par excellence of the new Eon, the Eon of Horus”. 11 also symbolizes an “alchemical marriage” between the pentagram and the hexagram (as is so often found in the street plans of Washington DC, as originally designed by Freemasons). And that is why the NASA Freemasons chose the title “Apollo 11” for the main event of the Apollo Hoax (to trick more people). The only deadline for the “landing” of the Apollo 11 Canard (there was in fact no “eagle”) was that the Apollo movie be simulcast worldwide at the time at which The “Blazing Star” SIRIUS would be at its zenith for 1969. And that happened on the evening of 20 Jul 1969. For the NASA Freemasons, The “Blazing Star” SIRIUS also stands for their godhead Horus.
  15. This list only contains the “Low Hanging Fruit” of simplest stumbling blocks that are easy to shake out of one's sleeve. There are more than 1000 proofs regarding which NASA, its supporters and the proponents of the conspiracy theory whereby 12 Freemasons stood on the “moon” have remained silent for over 50 years despite the urgent need for proper explanations. Many people remain silent because they are simply too embarrassed that they fell for the relatively easy-to-spot Apollo Hoax.

No religion, really?

Nowadays, many people, especially young folks, claim that they have no religion because they learned to reject Christianity in school. But the substitute religion that many have adopted is the religion of Apollo, Star Trek, Star Wars and of “space”. This substitute religion has been shown to be very heavily contaminated by the irreligion of Freemasonry that is still being sold by Freemasonry and supported by the “New Age” movement. This also happens to be the irreligion that is intended to become the world religion of the Zionist “New” World Order.

Thus, many Apollo 11 followers, and the conspiracy theorists who continue to claim that NASA placed twelve Freemasons on the “moon”, are in fact much more “religious” than they previously claimed to be.

But then suddenly in 2001, the whole debate finally ended in a huge defeat for the conspiracy theorists.

By pure “coincidence”, it was also 2001 when NASA started claiming that it had “lost” highly relevant material and original footage from the Apollo “missions”. The situation is now so bad that NASA cannot even be compelled to tell the truth by a court of law because it can claim it has “lost” all the hard facts about its mythical Apollo “missions”.

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