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ARISE    We will be attending tour stops in several locations. For travelling and lodging arrangements at what time of day will the events start?

BIRMINGHAM STOP       I was just wanting to know a specific venue and time for the Birmingham stop.

BORDERS             If the military is really in charge why do they allow the criminal cartels to control the Southern border?

BRIBED POLITICIANS      Once a well-meaning politician or other public figure has been bought, bribed or blackmailed, what, if anything, can they do to redeem themselves?

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY    Supreme Court of Canada Will Hear Crimes against Humanity – Indictments Served to Trudeau and More. Do you have knowledge?

CV VACCINE       I live on the Flathead reservation, Montana. I think they have ALL gotten the jab. What’s your response and your viewer response? Everywhere, signs get the vaccine!

CV VACCINE       Are we living in a “Kill OFF” of humanity through this VACCINE push? The Noose (in Canada) is tightening more and more

CV VACCINE       It's apparent that not taking the “shot” is the correct decision but then how does one prove that they have not been “vaccinated”?

EBS         When is there going to be information coming out over the Broadcast explaining things to the masses?

EBS         Do you know what the blackout EBS mentioned by Juan topics it will cover besides election fraud? COVID, Pedos, 9/11, JFK(jr) ?

GESARA               Can labor contributions throughout the world be paid with gold-backed money that's equally valuable throughout the world; and could we make it so or know?

INDIA SPIKE        Is the covid spike in India a false flag to bring down the government? Is it real or an exaggeration?

JFK JR    How or why is JFK Jr. qualified to be Vice President? I don't understand this adulation, please enlighten me.

LAMA    How did your 5-1-2021 meeting go with the master lama?

MERCH    Where can we buy the new hats. I have checked Amazon. I guess I am just missing them somewhere.

NAKED SHORT SELLING    Will people and or banks be stopped from shorting a stock?

NAVAL PRESCENCE         Are there still Aircraft Carriers and their Strike groups positioned on the East and West coast of the USA.

NOTICE OF VAX INQUIRY             I received a Notice of Vax Inquiry asking for those who are vaccinated or not yet and don’t want to

PSYCHOPATHS If 5% of males are genetically psychopaths per experts, how should they be dealt with after we purge those that have risen to power positions.

Q             I have heard that the Qanons are not a branch of Q but are kind of rogue in what they do. Are they valid?

SOTN’S HOPE PORN        can you please comment on SOTN's Hope Porn report? I think they are correct, I'm afraid we are being played by the CIA.

WAR      If military is behind Trump them why are they putting ourselves in a war situation with Russia, Ukraine Belarus etc? That’s what the cabal wants


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