Robert Steele: Is FBI Corrupt, Stupid, or Part of the Wrestlemania Drama?

Cultural Intelligence

I am going toward Location 23 to meet the Sheriff of Tulare County, Califonia with Sheriff Richard Mack and others in five wrapped coaches headed toward Mount Rushmore.

The below headline, while alarming, is bullshit.  The FBI is both corrupt and stupid at some levels, but totally honest and patriotic at other levels.

I believe Q and the Anons have been a vital part of the Truth & Reconciliation movement of which I am one of handful of national leaders, and it has not escaped FBI notice that not only am I totally pure and surrounded by elected sheriffs, but we have every email, every cell call, and every banking transaction for every FBI person guilty of treason and crimes against the public interest.  These individuals know they are vulnerable to absolute take-down, so my “appraisal” of this story is that it is manufactured drama.

FBI Triggers Politically Strategic Narrative, Highlights Q-Anon Supporters as Domestic Violent Extremists.

Thirteen of the 20 states that demanded the Supreme Court declare the 2020 election fraudulent are now implementing total audits.  Thockmorton vs US will prevail — outcomes based on fraud are overturned once the fraud is revealed.

Non-violence, truth, and reconciliation rooted in truth, are the order of the day.

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