Anthony Judge: Problematic Sexual Paradoxes of Pandemic Response

Cultural Intelligence

Problematic Sexual Paradoxes of Pandemic Response

Denial and unconscious cover-up in the light of Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein


Pseudo-relevance: science, scientism and pseudo-science?
Challenges of science upheld as an exclusive mode of inquiry
Vulnerability of collective initiatives to memetic diseases
Masks as symbols from popular perspectives
Pandemic implications from a professional “psychoscience” perspective
Implications of masking: sexual and otherwise
Strategic panic in response to vaccine hesitancy
Symbolism of obsessive sanitising as a preventive measure
Panic engendered by cultivation of fear of death
Interrelating the pandemic as symbol, as imagined and in reality
Eradication of evil in the guise of health misinformation?
Symbolic integration of a cognitive challenge of civilization?
Psychosexual connotations of a toroidal configuration
Configurative design clues from the traditional Ouroboros, Tesla and the Tokamak
Force-field analysis and pandemic responses
A 12-fold configuration of strategic responses to the pandemic?

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