Anthony Judge: Towards a Science of Misinformation and Deception

Cultural Intelligence

Towards a Science of Misinformation and Deception
the challenge of an information pandemic — a COVID-19 infodemic


Information theory and cognitive bias?
Game theory, hypergames and the role of deception
Naivety in acquisition of truth from accredited sources?
Identifying information specifically held to be misinformation
Misuse of information by authorities — as neglected “misinformation”?
Pandemic preoccupations eliciting questionable belief — however erroneous?
Checklist of pandemic concerns, whether framed as myths or lies
Requisite scientific compilation of pandemic preoccupations
Probability approaches to pandemic truth beyond binary fixation
Imagining the pandemic as a War of the Worlds
Strategic displacement of fearful global preoccupations?
Dynamics of the “holier than thou” narrative in practice

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