Edwin Jewett: Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts On Central Bank Digital Control

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Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts On Central Bank Digital Control

“Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to discuss how COVID-19 is a massive operation that is a part of what she calls the Going Direct Reset, which is, “A re-engineering of the financial transaction system as part of a larger re-engineering of the global governance system. And when I say ‘re-engineering’, part of that is a consolidation of the financial coup.”….

“I just did a book review on a book by Michael Pye called ‘The Edge of the World’ and one of the things it describes is – I think it was 1340 – after the Bubonic Plague, they passed plague laws that allowed leadership to control labor and travel and that gave them the ability to basically steal all the intellectual and financial capital and use it to build the great cities of Northern Europe.
“And if you look at the pattern, it looks to me – I would love to get some history doctoral students studying this for their thesis – looks to me like every hundred years, you have a plague and then you use plague laws to basically centralize control of labor, travel and capital and at the same time, right after that, you move the reserve currency.
“It’s like a pattern through history and here we are again: plague laws and move the reserve currency…

“They’ve stolen enough money to capitalize a global government. Now, the issue is how they keep the tax flow coming and that’s where they have the CBDCs [central bank digital currencies] come in, because they can just come into your account and take it. That’s where they’re going. That is the whole ‘ending currencies.
“In other words, you go to an all-digital system and then, you have complete control and you can go into anybody’s bank account and…take whatever you want and…you slowly move it to the Universal Basic Income system, where you bascially own and control all the assets and everybody else is essentially a slave.”

I’d say that the Number 1 problem facing Americans is that the average American has literally lost their mind…The average American is operating on a telephone system and a TV system and a internet system and an information system that is rife with propaganda, rife with disinformation and rife with intentional lies and rife with entrainment technology and subliminal programming…you could say they’re driven crazy or they’re allowing themselves to be driven crazy…if you thought the transgender thing was bad wait till you see what’s next.”

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