The Steele Report – Weekly Questions Being Answered Today (7/24/2021)

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ARISE TOUR    I need a hotel? Where is your location & time? I need to make a hotel reservation, now!

AUTO SHORTAGE     I Work in auto industry, we have virtually no inventory, any info on what is going on with “chips” from Taiwan?

EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEEM     Is EBS still going to happen so the country can have a briefing of whet has been happening

FOOD CRISIS    At what stage are we at in the ‘pre food crisis?’ Would you advise buying some every month now, or is it a the verge of full blown crisis, go out and empty the stores now?

FOOD CRISIS    There is a lot of chatter about food shortages due to foreign intervention over the next few months. Any info?

ISRAEL    Why is trump pro israel if Israel is rothschild KM? Is there another faction? and Hank Kuneman/ Bullock Pro Israel. ? Are they being compromised

LLAMA RASALI     Robert, How is it working with with Llama Rasaji? Is part of your improved health and wellbeing the Chi gung? Hope Miss Piggy is well.

SIDNEY POWELL    In Sidney Powell email of 7/21/21- To quote her point 2 – “No, there may not be absolute, incontrovertible proof of election fraud -yet”. How could she say such a thing?

TRUMP’S RETURN     Many people have said Trump is coming back but no one is explaining how. Do we have laws, legislation or any mechanisms in place.
VAX With continued bioweapon information coming out (Dr. Peter McCullough; America’s Frontline Doctors; Ran Paul) is the Trump Team working on a reversal treatment?

VAX     If “we” have everything, are white hats NOT COMPLICIT in Vaccine deaths? They have “Blood on their hands”. I know many very sick from Jabs.

WATER SHORTAGE     Are you teaching farmers how to source water? I’m hearing the deep state is creating a water shortage in the west by draining stored surplus.

WHTIE HATS     Are there enough whitehats in the military to arrest and detain all the traitors in all the sectors of industry and government within the US?





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