The Steele Report – Weekly Questions Being Answered Today (July 17, 2021)

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ARISE STOPS The RDS Arise Tour was scheduled to attend Michigan on July 13-14, and now the trip is rescheduled. Will you have MI stops?

ARISE TOUR I just went on VIP tour. Thankyou. I loved it. I met the most fantastic people as well as the team. Bless you.

BIDEN DOOR TO DOOR Do you think Biden’s door-to-door vaccine visits will become more than advisory, e.g., forcing those who refuse to be interred in FEMA camps?

BIDEN DOOR TO DOOR Mike Adams says Biden’s teams will be armed and will force vaccinate you or drag you to a FEMA camp to kill you there. What's your take?

BLACK LIST Is there any way to tell if one is on any kind of black list, targeted groups, social score list, etc.?

CABAL They have all the evidence u need to put the BIG TIME PLAYERS & ALL of cabal away, Why isn’t the military doing it?

CHINA CCP I need to better understand if China isn't bad why did Jong Jingwei defect and turnover evidence implicating the CCP with crimes against humanity?

CIA How different is the CIA now compared to when you were employed as a spy? Or is it the same?

CIVIL WAR I know the military is trying to avoid civil war, but do they know all hell will break loose if action is not ever taken?

CLINTON FOUNDATION the Clinton Foundation is dirty as hell (my humble opinion). Will they ever get exposed? Who will best do it?

CONSTITUTIONAL COUNTIES Perspective on Sheriff Mack impact on empowering counties considering the Biden push for door-to-door vax and ongoing gun control threats?

CROOKED FBI Why hasn't the crooked FBI been called out for sitting on the Weiner, Rich, and Biden laptops and keeping the info from the public?

FL- VACCINE PASSPORTS You announced move to FL where Gov demands VACCINE PASSPORTS. Are you controlled opposition?

FOOD SHORTAGE  How severe will America's food shortage be, and how should we best prepare for it?

GALACTIC FEDERATION  How would suppression of consciousness on earth lead to expansion of prime source consciousness?

I’m honored to support your work Off-planet galactic involvement in The Great Awakening. To what extent? Please comment.

GETTR PLATFORM Any insight on Gettr platform? I’m hearing it’s possibly better than twitter; but HOSTING ON AMAZON. Patriots joining, then deleting hearing of CCP connections; is gettr a lure for convenient Patriot List?

GITMO Have you see the Gitmo articles on truthful? If so, will Pelosi and Oabama be there soon?

GOP Why would you want to destroy the established Republican party when Trump is well into the process of culling the RINOs?

PATRIOTS VS SELF PROMOTERS Wow! I must say you never cease to amaze me with your straight forward, brutal honesty and the way you articulate. GREAT JOB on articulating Patriots vs. self-promoters!

QUANTUM EDUCATION My Daughter & Son will attend Law School soon. Should they wait until the new Quantum Educational System teaches real Common Law & Constitutional Law?

VACCINE PASSPORTS  Do you see vaccine mandates or passports coming to America?

VICTORY LAP Can you elaborate more on the reported victory lap? That would have helped us in S. Dakota some. Nothing was said though/hence some mad.





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