Yoda: Alert Reader / Remote View Commentary on NESARA Plus

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

An Alert Reader, code name Charlie, sends in the below.

I'm groping at the undefined shape of the thing as much as the next guy.

As far as ET contact they are being patient lest the squares stampede. maybe something by the end of the year with 2022 much better.

Short term drama is NESARA which is plenty. it will rock our little lives. somehow it both is, and isn't, NESARA, there are a bundle of interconnected events that balance, so you could improbably call it NESARA/3 gorges or such insanity. the 3 gorges aspect is beyond big. i deeply resent the long term chinese plan to destroy america. we are working with that CCP whistleblower and millions of pages of documents. i am sure xi is a good guy but asian DS cuisine has its own flavor.

Our beloved gaia has more for us beyond 3 gorges but 90 days is a compressed time. volcanoes, earthquakes, and so forth, some further drama.
movie and comic book writers often psychically predict events. the godzilla movies were in that vein. the japanese cast were hilarious, being very restrained and polite as they were being ravaged by a monster. the thrust however was mass east asian, and not specifically japanese, slaughter.

Jurisprudence goes right along with NESARA. the rich were lulled into imprudence with nobody going to prison for decades. we are going to get the best show of our lives. we now get the allocutions along with the three 8 hour reality films. it will be a lot for normal people to digest. on the level of spirit and not just pork bellies this is huge for us. no more dorkwads. everyone plugged in. what you are doing with the bus tour only with everyone being shaken by their shoulders and forced to see truth. this is quite deliberate and it has the imprint and planning of our stellar helpers. if it doesn't look anglo saxon it isn't.

If you think the rich were complacent and arrogant wait until you see doctors and nurses get their comeuppance for the jab. my boy's wife is an indian pulmonologist, and her scientific determinations exactly mesh with her billings and social standing. they would refer us to a psych ward if we pointed out what is coming to them. the near term show is going to be past our expectations and things only getting better from there.

Ascension is going to take its course. we have the DNA work now approaching getting half the strands back. we go to 4D and thence to 5D. it will be relatively quick, and i suppose if you have the right attitude things work out. this is a lot better service than we are accustomed to.

NESARA. certainly within the 90 the stock market revaluation. precious metal revaluation. silver to explode but taking years. gold is a mystery. the price has been repressed on the one hand, and on the other hand there is apparently hundreds or thousands of times more of it than we were told.

We should start to get technology within the 90. they are talking about the free energy thing to be right away. that is just the minor part of it so you can see this trend forming for the overall explosion of joy. medbeds are to be right now but idk the logistics. new limbs take a couple few days, and going down from there, and how many physical problem and psychological problem patients and how they cycle through the system. the hospital people are going to take a shit.

Must be more beyond that. i am in an exceedingly good mood.

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