Point of No Return | Jack Mullen


The financial quotes above are not just interesting bits of history but rather capsulized knowledge regarding the danger of central banking. Allowing men to control the credit of a nation and, by the use of the American military, control worldwide banking and financial systems is reckless endangerment and psychologically irrational.

As history has shown, central bankers are firstly men and then criminals, represented by a large population of psychopaths pursuing humanity’s damaging agendas.

Bankers’ agendas are parallel and inconsistent with normal human activity. However, it is regular human activity that has been harnessed, by bankers, to fund their parallel civilization and its agendas.

It has been widely known for millennia that giving bankers free and total control of the production and distribution of currency will always result in the wealth and resources of the common man being transferred to the banking system.

We are now at the Point of No Return, where central banking agendas are about destroying the middle class in Western civilization while creating a high technology-controlled feudal system. Many people, myself included, have spent years warning others about the dangers of central banking.

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