Anna Von Reitz: Video 4 Minutes to Donald Trump on National Credit and Debt — UPDATE 4 Michael Kearns 2 Pages on US Still “Owned” by UK

Downloadable Document, Full Text Online, 90 Min Video Below the Fold

Michael Kearns: CIA Agents in China Wiped Out…

China killed CIA sources, hobbled U.S. spying from 2010 to 2012: NYT China killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012, hobbling U.S. spying operations in a massive intelligence breach whose origin has not been identified, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Michael Kearns: Insights on Facebook Data & Psychological Profiling — Hyped but Interesting

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Did a similar tool help propel Donald Trump to victory? Two reporters from Zurich-based Das Magazin went data-gathering.​ Phi Beta Iota: Cambridge Analytica appears to have some deep talents but …

Michael Kearns: Yonatan Zunger on Trump’s Coup

Trial Balloon for a Coup? Analyzing the news of the past 24 hours The theme of this morning’s news updates from Washington is additional clarity emerging, rather than meaningful changes in the field. But this clarity is enough to give us a sense of what we just saw happen, and why it happened the way it did. …

Michael Kearns: The Mistaken US Intelligence Community Approach to “Finding Leaders”

This IC Staff study — just as all other Great Man, leader-centric models — defines individuals as leaders only in “the top three” SES Positions. Ironically, modern leadership models contend leadership is NOT positional, it is essentially relational (socio-politicaly and intellectually critical). This is a typical study of senior managers called executives, who are incorrectly …

Michael Kearns: Spy agencies team up with National Academies — 25 Years Late and Badly Focused

Spy agencies team up with National Academies In an unprecedented move, U.S. intelligence agencies are teaming up with the nation’s most prestigious scientific body in a bid to make better use of findings from the country’s leading social and behavioral scientists.

Michael Kearns: Jean Baudrillard on Four Realities

“Postmodernist French social theorist Jean Baudrillard argues that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: the hyperreal. Where Plato saw two types of representation—faithful and intentionally distorted (simulacrum)—Baudrillard sees four: (1) basic reflection of reality; (2) perversion of reality; (3) pretence of reality (where there is …

Michael Kearns: Sea Farming

HuffPost Facebook Video: 3D Underwater Farming Could be the Future of Food Two comments of note:

Michael Kearns: Leadership & Social Change

Leadership. The “School” of American Leadership Studies & Development (ALS&D) has been the largest mythological tyrant ever to spew propagandistic mythology (1); therein, inflating the lust for money, power, and control as measures of “success” in America (2). Much like Trump’s Great Man ascertations, about how “great” America can be, much like him-self – with …

Michael Kearns: Dabrowski on Positive Disintegration and Human Development

Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration: Some implications for teachers of gifted students Sal Mendaglio, AGATE. Fall 2002 15(2) 14-22. TPD is neither a theory of giftedness nor a theory of emotional development. It is a comprehensive, complex theory with far-reaching implications for understanding human development in general.

Michael Kearns: The Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity, Poverty and the Loss of All Our Rights

The Failure to Stand Up to Evil Leads to Insanity The central defect of the evil is not the sin but the refusal to acknowledge it. Washington’s Blog as reprinted in IndyMediaUK