Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Round-Up

Palantir Round Up: The Beyond Search Commentary Two Palantir Profiles: Some Peculiar Omissions Phi Beta Iota: A crummy over-marketing offering that should not be considered by the Pentagon or anyone else. Bloated overhead that is beneath contempt and results that should outrage any serious customer. See Also: Palantir @ Phi Beta Iota  

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Smoking Before Vaporizing?

Palantir Technologies: Minor Questions Remain DarkCyber noted “Techie Software Soldier Spy: Palantir, Big Data’s Scariest, Most Secretive Unicorn, Is Going Public. But Is Its Crystal Ball Just Smoke and Mirrors?” The write up joins the caravan of publications digging into the ins and outs of the intelware business.

Stephen E. Arnold: Is Palantir In Big Trouble?

Palantir Technologies: A Problem for Intelware Competitors? The Palantir Technologies initial public offering is looming. Pundits are excited; for example, “Palantir Has A Long Uphill Battle Towards Customer Acquisition, But Benefits From Stickiness And Contract Expansion” makes clear that the journey to profitability may be like the Beatles observed: A long and winding road. Others …

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Desperate for an Exit?

Palantir: Planning Ahead I read “In Amended Filing, Palantir Admits It Won’t Have Independent Board Governance for Up to a Year.” The legal tap dancing is semi-interesting. Palantir wants money and control. I understand that motive. The company — despite its sudden interest in becoming a cowboy — has Silicon Valley roots. Observations: The resubmission …

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir: Stakeholders May Know Whom to Blame If Money Does Not Flow

Palantir: Stakeholders May Know Whom to Blame If Money Does Not Flow Another Palantir technologies item. Is it accurate? Who knows. But I found “Palantir Targeting 3 Class Voting Structure According to Leaked S-1, Giving Founders 49.999999% Control in Perpetuity” fun reading. The write up states: Wow, this is a really complicated ownership structure. Read …

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Lost $579M in 2019?

Palantir Technologies: Maybe Stealth Is Better for Specialized Services Companies? I, like many other Palantir watchers, read “Leaked S-1 Screenshots Show Palantir Losing $579M in 2019.” My hunch is that this going public thing is not going to be the cake walk some envision. Palantir Technologies is a specialized services company. In my lingo, that …

Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Technologies and Semi Hard Numbers

Palantir Technologies and Semi Hard Numbers Palantir Technologies is super secretive. The company plans to become publicly held. Does secret and public match up for you? “Palantir Built Itself into a $20 Billion Success with a Secretive and Controversial business. Now It’s Prepping for Life As a Transparent Public Company” offers some numbers; for instance: