Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir “Beats” IBM in the Fake News — Some Tough Questions to Ask . . .

IO Impotency

IBM Acknowledges That Palantir Technologies Is Winning the Battle for Policeware and Intelware

Phi Beta Iota: Discount the fake news. Here are the questions, from Arnold, that no one is asking:

  • Anyone remember the litigation between Palantir and i2 about intellectual property? Of course not.
  • What Palantir executives were named in the i2 litigation? (This is a really good question by the way?)
  • Do the Palantir solutions generate really happy licensees?
  • How do the former i2 professionals perceive this tie up?
  • How will the deal impact Palantir’s present cloud services providers?

Read full post by Arnold.

ROBERT STEELE: No one, anywhere, least of all Palantir, is getting it right. Below are four links on getting it right. Web 3.0 will work in this direction.

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