Pierre Cloutier: Quebec Independence Institute

To deflate the federalist propaganda A research institute on independence This summer, Jean-Jacques Nantel and I worked on a project of Research Institute on Quebec independence that we presented to Mr. Pierre Duchesne, Chief of the Leader of the Official Opposition, Mr. Pierre Karl Péladeau, at a meeting held on 9 October. You will find …

Pierre Cloutier: Quebec Institute of Research for Independence

The Quebec Institute of Research for Independence Half a good idea. Guy Pruneau Original in French — Google ugly translation below the fold.

Pierre Cloutier avec Robert Steele: Les USA au bord du gouffre? Steele on USA Revolution & Reform

Les USA au bord du gouffre ? La tuerie raciale de Charleston Entrevue avec Robert Steele Texte intégral en français et en anglais sous le pli Full Text in French & English Below the Fold

Pierre Cloutier: A Provisional New Constitution for Quebec

Circulating in French among Quebec activists. [1] A modern state, in my conception of things, must protect its citizens against its own abuses and against the abuses of the mercantile order. [2] The only way to do this is to identify specific and concrete rights that will enable people living in our area for a …

Pierre Cloutier: Quebec Heads for Independence UPDATE 1

Worth listening to very carefully. Listen specially at 1.53.03 in English. This is the first time a chief of the Parti Québécois says these things in English. Phi Beta Iota: By 2025, no later, we expect Quebec, Scotland, Hawaii, and Vermont to be sovereign republics. If the USA wishes to retain its geographic integrity, it …

Pierre Cloutier: Texas Secessionist Meeting Busted Up

Noticed in Quebec! Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting Dylan Baddour, Houston Chronicle : February 23, 2015

Pierre Cloutier: Egyptian President Al-Sisi We must revolutionize our religion – Fundamentalism and Islamism in question

Le président égyptien Al-Sisi: Nous devons révolutionner notre religion L’intégrisme ou l’islamisme en cause Egyptian President Al-Sisi Fundamentalism and Islamism in question Full text English translation below the line.

Pierre Cloutier: France, Islam, Violence

Attack against Charlie Hebdo Lone wolves wolves to solidarity A long time ago that I monitor what is happening in France, where there are now about 5 million Muslims. A long time ago I said that there is in France a serious risk of civil war. Read full article (originally in French).

Pierre Cloutier Entrevue avec Robert Steele: Faire du Québec une nation intelligente (I) et (II)

Entrevue avec Robert Steele Faire du Québec une nation intelligente (I) Dans l’ère de l’information Tribune libre de Vigile dimanche 21 décembre French version below the line. English version here.

Pierre Cloutier: Inside ISIS – What CIA Does Not Know and the West Refuses to Understand + Legitimate Grievances

Et tu, Brute? Inside Isis: The first Western journalist ever given access to the ‘Islamic State’ has just returned – and this is what he discovered EXTRACT

ANSWERS 2014 Robert Steele with Pierre Cloutier on Smart Nations and the Future of Quebec

Robert, you are the originator of the concept of a Smart Nation, with your article in 1996 published in the Government Information Quarterly, entitled “Creating a Smart Nation: Strategy, Policy, Intelligence, and Information.” Quebec is a nation, recognized by Canada, with a distinct culture, a distinct geography, and perhaps a distinct future.