Q Anon Today: No Riddles, Just Storm

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Alert Reader: Q Map with Videos UPDATE Simplied Top Level View

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Ed Jewett: Army’s Long-Awaited Iraq War Study Finds Iran Was the Only Winner

Army’s Long-Awaited Iraq War Study Finds Iran Was the Only Winner A two-volume Army study of the Iraq war is a deep examination of the mistakes and success of the war effort that also takes aim at critics who would slough off the conflict as they shift to near-peer threats. The 1,300-page, two volume history, …

Q Anon on 9/11 Nuclear…

See Especially: Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 9: Criminal Grand Jury Is ON! See Also: 9/11 Nuclear @ Phi Beta Iota

Q Anon: 10 Days of Darkness (Skip to 20:00)

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Wayne Jett: Q Anon — Both Important & Irrelevant

#QANON AND #POTUS Leave The Connection Alone! The information gained through this activity is crucially important. It enables hundreds of thousands of people, especially in America, and around the world, to have much improved understanding of government operations and the forces and interests which seek to influence, oppose or control the governments and the people.

VIDEO (9:10): Trump the Storm – Q – We Are The Plan [to End the Deep State]

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SPECIAL: Dustin Nemos with Sarah Westall on Q & Weeks Ahead

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Caitlin Johnstone: John Bolton, Psychopath Who Threatened to Murder an Envoy’s Children to Start Iraq War is Now Guiding the Planned War on Iran

Throughout his appearances on such outlets as Fox News, Fox Business, Fox & Friends, CNN’s The Lead, and Conservative Review, Bolton has been repeating the blatantly false talking point that Iran is somehow uniquely egregious in the Middle East in its support for terrorist factions, calling it the “world’s central banker for international terrorism.” Since we’re seeing so much John Bolton and …