Event: Howard Rheingold Webinar Augmented Collective Intelligence Theory and Practice 3 May – 7 June Online

Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice (Draft) This course introduces the intellectual framework for augmented collective intelligence, from the invention of writing to the emergence of global multimedia networks, and, in parallel, introduces online practices that can extend the knowledge-gathering and sense-making capabilities of individuals and groups. Complete Course Description & Registration Link Below the …

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Ken Knudsen

Phi Beta Iota: Ken Knudsen is an architect of the future and thinks at a meta scale — a cosmic scale — that is most rare and therefore most precious. See Also: http://divergentunity.oy2k.com/ http://oy2k.com/

Ryan King: The Global Brain Storm – Interview with Robert Steele on Collective Intelligence & Global Change

The Global Brain Storm: An Interview with Intelligence Pioneer Robert David Steele and Introduction to the role of Collective Intelligence in 21st Century Global Change  

George Por: How collective intelligence helps organizations move past hierarchical leadership structures

How collective intelligence helps organizations move past hierarchical leadership structures Louis Rosenberg This tendency toward “herding” is exacerbated by social media and other modern technologies. We euphemistically call it “trending” or “going viral” but often it’s just a random impulse gone astray, amplifying noise rather than harnessing intelligence. In fact, a brilliant study out of …

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Robert James Beckett

My research and project work focus on the value of scientifically validated communications for business and society, particularly addressing serious issues underlying the debate over global sustainability and centering the innovative new discipline of communication ethics, ‘a philosophy for the information age. Recently, I produced an innovative online text, Citizen Science, employing a digital logic …

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Beth Simone Noveck

Beth Simone Noveck directs The Governance Lab and its MacArthur Research Network on Opening Governance. GovLab designs and tests technology, policy and strategies for fostering more open and collaborative approaches to strengthen the ability of people and institutions to work together to solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict and govern themselves more effectively and legitimately.

Graphic: Open Source Technologies Table — Applied Collective Intelligence 2.0

Source LEARN MORE: The Future: Recent “Core” Work by Robert Steele

Robert Steele: Applied Collective Intelligence 2.0

Applied Collective Intelligence 2.0 Can Open Source Evolutionary Cybernetics Leverage Distributed Human Intelligence While Advancing Artificial Intelligence? DOC (16 Pages): 20151018 Applied Collective Intelligence 2.0 DOC (3 Pages): D3 Innovation Memorandum 2.1 (to VP, SecState, SecDef, D/OMB, A/USAID delivered 14 October 2015) SHORT URL: http://tinyurl.com/Steele-ACI2 ABSTRACT The information and intelligence (decision-support) domains have lost their …

Tom Atlee: YouTube (27:06) Responsible Democracy, Collective Intelligence, Collective Wisdom

Definition: Collective Intelligence by Robert Steele — A Conversation with Tom Atlee

FINAL: * Collectively generated decision-support tailored to any need at any point in time and space — blends holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering toward a notional 24/7 World Brain.

Tom Atlee: Avoiding Reductionism Between Co-Intelligence and Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence is more than most people in the field think it is. And co-intelligence is more than collective intelligence – since it includes collective intelligence and goes way beyond it. In this post I try to indicate the differences between these concepts, provide a taste of how big they each are, and offer a …