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Eligible voters — 70% blocked from ballot access Electoral reform act — 12 elements Transpartisan cabinet — team of rivals with integrity Two-party tyranny pigs One bird, two wings, same crap

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Open Power Electoral Reform @ Amazon Today’s Top Reads RIGGED: Twelve Ways the Two-Party Tyranny Rigs the US Electoral System to Block Out Independents, Small Parties, and 70% of the Eligible Voters DEPLORABLES RISING!: Trump Can Win with a Debt Jubilee and Electoral Reform REVOLUTION!: How Donald Trump Can Win and Govern by Championing Electoral …

Robert Steele: Open Power Electoral Reform — Open Letter to Tom Steyer with Proposed Action Plan for Re-Asserting Public Sovereignty

MEMORANDUM Subject: Electoral Reform Possibilities in 2015 for 2016 UPDATE 2: Refined after second meeting of electoral reform activists. Full Text & Downloadable Document Below the Fold

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Pending Robert Steele: Death of a Nation — All Crazy, All Black, All Prisoners [Deal with It!] 2015-08-14 Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win 2015-06-12 On the Seventh Day 2014-11-20  Where is Jesse Ventura When You Need Him?

Open Power Electoral Reform 12 Point Act

A new coalition of electoral reform activists is coming together. A most interesting “map” is being created of who is doing what. Below are the 12 points to be included in a substantive discussion to take place at an Electoral Reform Summit if we can find funding for this event.

ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Anonymous on Guantanamo and Open Power Electoral Reform

QUESTION: I just read online about your presidential candidacy and would like to know your position on how to handle the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Robert Steele: Open Power Electoral Reform Revisited

There is a gradual awakening occurring among groups that have been focused on individual electoral reform issues. They are not yet ready to converge and make “total electoral reform”  the litmus test for every candidate for public office, but some small signs of progress are present.Lawrence Lessig seems to be evolving away from his single …

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Want an Honest Government Of, By, and For We the 99%? Here’s How. I cannot stress this enough: whatever your issue, however righteous and important it might be, it will never get a fair hearing as things now stand. The ONLY way any issue might receive a fair hearing is if we FIRST achieve Electoral …

OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool-Kit

For those who want to avoid demonizing the two-party tyranny, whose “leaders” may wish  to consider participation in a national conversation, we have created a new cover for the book, and made it the default cover at Amazon. The original cover is below the fold and the book available with that cover on request (epub …

Open Power: Electoral Reform Short Brief (4 Slides)

This is the new short brief (4 slides) that is being circulated to those interested in having a conversation about electoral reform in 2015 and what it might mean in relation to electing an honest effective government in 2016. PPT (4): Electoral Reform New Briefing 1.2 Easy to view JPEGS below the fold.

Open Power: The National Conversation on Electoral Reform, Honest Government, and Our Future

Joan Blades, the brilliant human that created MoveOn and Moms Rising, is now leading a new movement and meme,  Living Room Conversations. Below is the first draft of what has gone forward for possible elevation to a national conversation about THE issue of our day. NOTE: The critical genius of Joan’s concept is the conversation …