Robert Steele: Are Gordon Chang and Steve Bannon Zionist Agents? Waving the Bullshit Flag on Accusations Against China

Gordon Chang and his new book blaming China for everything should be suspect, immediately, of being a Zionist cover-up.  Steve Bannon, who never washes his hair (and may not bathe very often) should be immediately suspect of having taken Zionist coin in his desperation. The accusations against the Chinese Communist Party are BULLSHIT.

Yoda: Will US Christians Abandon Zionists, Pedophiles, Transgenders, and Homosexuals to Create the Mother of All Values-Based Landslides for President Donald Trump in 2020?

This is new — no one wants to discriminate against biological homosexuals — led by Pastor Chuck Baldwin and David Ray Griffin, it is possible that 2020 could see a resurgence of Christian activism demanding proper respect for faith, family, and related values. Scott Lively: President Trump’s Most Dangerous Error RELATED: David Ray Griffin: The …