Mongoose: Zionists Not Jewish, Fatal to Judaism – Serve Deep State Illuminati

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Alert reader writes in:



In this interview, Fritz Springmeier talks about the top “Illuminati” families and how MOST Zionists in the world are NOT EVEN JEWISH:

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Most Zionists are in fact so-called Christian-Zionists (70 million of whom live in North America and constitute an enormous danger for the world). Furthermore, most ordinary Jews are good because they do not care for Zionism, and most good Jews do not even know how Zionism is being abused to aid in bringing about Armageddon (which is bound to adversely affect Israel FIRST, and to adversely affect Israel MOST OF ALL). Hence, any Zionist who seeks the destruction of Israel is automatically seeking the destruction of the whole world, so everyone is called upon to foil the Zionist plan.



  1. the “Illuminati” families (all Zionists) described by Fritz Springmeier and others (NOTE: These families like to refer to themselves using the term “Illuminati” because they brag that they have the most satanic blood (sic) by being descended Cain, whom they claim was the son of Satan and Eve (sic));
  2. Zionist Freemasonry;
  3. Western politics which is rotten with Zionist Freemasonry (and which leads world politics);
  4. the Zionist CHABAD;
  5. Zionist B'NAI B'RITH (the capstone lodge giving its daily orders to all worldwide Freemasonry);
  6. etc.

A few years after this interview, the Zionists framed Fritz Springmeier and put him in prison, but he managed to survive because of his strong faith.

Fritz Springmeier's books are listed HERE


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