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Updated FAS new 2 June 2015.

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FAS Table of Contents

NB 17 Jan 14: In the areas listed below and linked, FAS is the original comprehensive listing in reverse order as received — our index in support of FAS is in alphabetical order within a broader focus centered on intelligence and sane (honest) informed national strategy, policy, acquisition, and whole of government operations, all non-existent today in the USA. We have added Secrecy & Information Policy as a category.

Conventional Weapons Systems  .  Foreign Policy & Regional Affairs  .  Homeland Security  .  General National Security Topics  .  Intelligence  .  Middle East  .  Nuclear Weapons & Arms Control  .  Secrecy & Information Policy  .  Space Policy  .  Terrorism  .  Topics (Miscellaneous)

FAS 2 June 2015 [Posted here and in main directory, deleted here when refreshed]

An Overview of the Employment-Population Ratio

Candidates, Groups, and the Campaign Finance Environment

Congressional Primer on Responding to Major Disasters and Emergencies

Critical Infrastructures: Background, Policy and Implementation

Deployable Federal Assets Supporting Domestic Disaster Response Operations: Summary and Considerations for Congress

Earmark Disclosure Rules in the House: Member and Committee Requirements

Earmark Disclosure Rules in the Senate: Member and Committee Requirements

Foreign Holdings of Federal Debt

Former Presidents: Pensions, Office Allowances, and Other Federal Benefits

Freedom of Navigation and Territorial Seas

Government Collection of Private Information: Background and Issues Related to the USA PATRIOT Act Reauthorization

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza: Ongoing Outbreak

Human-Induced Earthquakes from Deep-Well Injection: A Brief Overview

Iran, Gulf Security, and U.S. Policy

Options to Help Meet a Congressional Requirement for Nuclear Weapon “Pit” Production

Overview of Constitutional Challenges to NSA Collection Activities

Perspectives on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) “Torture Report” and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

Rules and Practices Governing Consideration of Revenue Legislation in the House and Senate

Selected Issues in Homeland Security Policy for the 114th Congress

Sunset of Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, memorandum for the House Judiciary Committee

The Federal Grand Jury

The “Islamic State” Crisis and U.S. Policy

The Violence Against Women Act: Overview, Legislation, and Federal Funding

Tracking Federal Funds: and Other Data Sources

Trade Promotion Authority: Frequently Asked Questions

Uncertainty in Financial Projections of Social Security

U.S. Trade with Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Partners

Wartime Detention Provisions in Recent Defense Authorization Legislation


Agriculture Including GMO & Global Food Aid
Acquisition, Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Budget Including Authorization & Appropriations
Charity, Non-Profits, & Society
Commerce, Economy, Foreign Investment, Trade (with sub-categories)
Constitutional Issues
Cyber & Internet Including FOI, Privacy, NSA, Etcetera
Debt (including Deflation & Inflation)
Defense (with sub-categories)
Drugs, Drug Testing
Education including Student Loans
Environment & Environmental Degradation and Disasters
Executive / Government Operations
Family including Abortion & Poverty
Foreign Relations (with countries in alphabetical order)
Health including Insurance
Homeland Security
Indian Affairs
Intelligence Including Counterintelligence
Labor, Homelessness, Society, & Unemployment
Law Enforcement (includes Terrorism)
Research & Development
Revenue & Taxation [see also Debt]
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Secrecy & Information Policy
Social Security
Space Policy
State & Local Governance & Issues
Transportation Including Infrastructure & Risk
Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Financial Crime, IMF Plus

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