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Updated 25 February 2014

1988-2009 OSINT-M4IS2 TECHINT Chronology

1986 Computer Aided Tools for the Analysis of Science & Technology (CATALYST)

1989 Webb (US) CATALYST: Computer-Aided Tools for the Analysis of Science & Technology

1993 Corporate Role in National Competitiveness: Smart People + Good Tools + Information = Profit

1998 TAKEDOWN: Targets, Tools, & Technocracy

2001 Porter (US) Tools of the Trade: A Long Way to Go

2002 Hohhof (US) Competitive Intelligence Analysis Tools

2004 Bjore (SE) Software, Humanware and Intelligence: Distributed Data Capture Templates and Analytic Tools

2012 Handbook Online for Internet Tools and Resources for Creating Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) by Dr. Ran Hock, Chief Training Officer, Online Strategies, Inc.

2013 Ben Benavides OSINT 2ool Kit On The Go Bag (Bag O’Tradecraft)

2013 Story Board: Peace & Prosperity Through Ethical Evidence-Based Decision-Support — Analytic Sources, Models, Tools, & Tradecraft 1957-2013 Add. 6 Aug 13

88+ Projects & Standards for Data Ownership, Identity, & A Federated Social Web

Berto Jongman: 25 Great Social Media Tools

Berto Jongman: 29 free Internet tools for research, twitter, facebook, linked in, and web analytics

Berto Jongman: 50 Mostly Free Social Media Tools for 2012

Berto Jongman: Catalog of Social Media & Related Tools

Berto Jongman: Crime Analytics Tool Cuts Crime Rates (Tactically — Governments Still Corrupt on Causes of Crime, Insurgency, Revolution, and Terrorism at the Strategic Level)

Berto Jongman: Top 20 Data Visualization Tools

Berto Jongman: Top Three Government Spyware Tools – PRISM, FinSpy, BlueCoat

Berto Jongman: Wikileaks Search Engine Tool

Chris Pallaris: MindMap & Table of Indirect Open Sources

Dave Lavinsky: 23 Crowd-Sourcing Tools

David Isenberg: Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2013

Devin Balkind: Selected Information Tool List 1.2

Eagle: Mozilla plans ‘$25 smartphone’ tool for emerging markets

Event: 12 April 1200-1400 Freedom House DC Internet Circumvention Tools & Methods–Comprehensive Review

Event: April 18–July 26, NYC MoMA – Access to Tools: Publications from the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968–1974

Federal Register Resources & Tools

Flavia Marzano: Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software

FuturICT Living Earth Simulator; EarthGame / Whole Earth Strategic Analytic Model

Graphic: Organizational Tools for Changing Culture

Graphic: UN Tools & Methods (Walter Dorn) Updated

Harnessing Social Media Tools to Fight Corruption

Howard Rheingold: 10 Online Tools for Better Focus

Howard Rheingold: 30+ Cool Content Creation Tools

Howard Rheingold: 30 Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing Applications (Many Free)

Howard Rheingold: beginner’s guide to tool (s) leveraging the Internet

Howard Rheingold: Best Apps and Services to Filter & Present News

Howard Rheingold: Evernote + Hootsuite = Infotension Boost

Howard Rheingold: How to manage a research library with Zotero

Howard Rheingold: How to – Using Radio2

Howard Rheingold: Information Wrangling — Seek, Sense, Share

Howard Rheingold: If Then Online RSS Tool

Howard Rheingold: News Discovery Tools – Slices for Twitter Organizes and Auto-Curates Your News Stream Into Categories

Howard Rheingold: Primal Assistants – Personal Software Agents

Howard Rheingold: Robin Good on Content Curation Tools

Howard Rheingold: Robin Good Picks Best News Discovery Tools

Howard Rheingold’s Pick: Information Curation

Howard Rheingold: Ten Concept Mapping Tools

Howard Rheingold: 19 June – 26 July Think-Know Tools Webinar

Jean Lievens: BITCOIN – How It Works And Why It Could Threaten Legacy Payment Tools (e.g. Credit Cards)

Jean Lievens: Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work

Journal: Digital Outsourcing By the Task

Journal: Haggle, Freenet, TOOZL, and Syllable

Journal: MILNET Flags Sorting It Out: New Tools Wrestle Mountains of Data Into Usable Intelligence

Journal: Poll on data mining/analytic tools used

Mary Ellen Bates: Searching Beyond Google – tools for more efficient research

Meta-Pointers to Scoop-In Curators on Tools

Michel Bauwens: Social Collaboration Platforms for Local to Global Enterprises

Nik Peachey: Audio Transcription Tool

Nik Peachey: Interactive Presentation Tool

Nik Peachy: Magisto Tool – Magical Video Edition (Child Friendly)

Nik Peachey Tools for Learners: Easyclass

Nik Peachy: Tool to Download All Videos Free

Nik Peachey: Quick Video Conferencing Tool

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Starting Point

Participatory Budgeting Practices, Games, Resources

Patrick Meier: Crisis Mapping Meets Minority Report – HUMANS Plus Digital Tools Mapping the Pulse of the Planet and Harmonizing Delivery of Aid

Patrick Meier: DeadUshandi / Ushandi 10% of the Solution

Patrick Meier: Geo-Fencing and Grass Roots Emergency Communications and Geo-Referenced Sense-Making

Patrick Meier: Innovation and the State of the Humanitarian System + RECAP

Patrick Meier: PeopleBrowsr – Next-Generation Social Media Analysis

Patrick Meier: Share Economy Tools List and Links

Patrick Meier: The KoBo Platform – Data Collection for Real Practitioners

Patrick Meier: Ushahidi Emergent as Democracy in Being

Pierre Levy: New Media Literacies (12 of Them)

Reference: Collaborative Technologies

Review (Guest): Scripting Intelligence – Web 3.0 Information Gathering and Processing

Review: Crucial Conversations–Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

Review: Tools for Thought–The History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technolog

Robin Good: 5 Great Tools for Hashtag Monitoring and Tracking

Robin Good: 8 July, $99 Content Curation Master Class

Robin Good: A Great Alternative to RebelMouse: Curate Your Social Media Hub with Pressly Tool

Robin Good: Best 13 Curation Tools for Education and Learning

Robin Good: Beyond Search to Content Curation Tools — 21 Evaluation Criteria

Robin Good: Bi-Lingual Curation “Pills” Open Way to Zip-Code Public Intelligence Building Blocks

Robin Good: Content Discovery Tools

Robin Good: Cornell Notes Tool Video (1:57)

Robin Good: Crowd-Sourced Cutation of Educational Tool Options

Robin Good: Curate Your Own Wiki-Guide with the Wikipedia Book Create Tool

Robin Good: Curation Tools and Techniques for Journalists

Robin Good: Curation Tools as Learning Tools

Robin Good: EdShelf for Best Educational Apps

Robin Good: Feedshare RMS/OPML Tool

Robin Good: Filter Tool -Rather

Robin Good: Finding Twitter Influencers by Topic and Place

Robin Good: Online Fact Checking with Verification Junkie

Robin Good: Qwant Meta-Search Engine

Robin Good: Searchable Databases Tool freeDive plus Google spreadsheets

Robin Good: Supermap of Over 400 Content Curation Services

Robin Good: Uberflip Web Publishing Curation Tool (Fee)

Robin Good: YouTube (1:56) Enginuity Search and Content Marketing

Robin Good: Web Page Capture & Archive Tool

Robin Good: Web Scraping Tools, Services, and Plug-Ins — A Comprehensive List

Search: directory of online budget simulators / games

Search: osint tools for data collection

Search: resources for online investigators

Secrecy News: ODNI Tools for Data Fusion & Analysis

Semantria: A New Face For Text Analytics

Stephen E. Arnold: 50 New Open Source Apps

Stephen E. Arnold: App to Show Country Flags for Server Locations

Stephen E. Arnold: Best Social Media Monitoring Tools?

Stephen E. Arnold: Bitext Delivers Breakthrough in Localized Sentiment Analysis

Stephen E. Arnold: Business Intelligence Tools

Stephen E. Arnold: Discover the Open Source Alternative to the Autonomy Crawler Tool

Stephen E. Arnold: DuckDuckGo Clobbering Google Goose – Robert Steele Comments

Stephen E. Arnold: Free White Paper on Free Visual Tools

Stephen E. Arnold: Good-Bye (Corrupt) Google, Hello (Honest)

Stephen E. Arnold: Open Source and Ontopia Tool

Stephen E. Arnold: Plagarism Trackers

Stephen E. Arnold: Visual Mining Tool Redesign

Stephen E. Arnold: WikiSummarizer Makes Charts Fun Again

Steve Wheeler: Learning with ‘e’s – Education funnels and webs of learning

Ted Shulman: Ganib Open Source Organization and Collaboration Tool

Tom Atlee: Public Wisdom Practical Links

Tom Atlee: Resources for Powerful Conversations

Tools Archive on Public Intelligence (1992-2006)

Worth a Look: 1989 All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation–The Four Requirements Documents

Worth a Look: Deep Web Multilingual Federated Search

Worth a Look: Esplorare Internet – Manuale di investigazioni digitali e Open Source Intelligence

Worth a Look: Free Internet Search & Research Tools

Worth a Look: GeoChat (SMS Plotted on Map)

Worth a Look: Kevin Kelly on Cool Tools

Worth a Look: Medard Gabel, EarthGame and More

Worth a Look: Real-Time Intelligence (RTI)

Worth a Look: Search Tools and Research Resources for Online Investigators (Toddington International Inc.)

Worth a Look: Tool –

Worth a Look: Wolfram Alpha Access–Trillions of Bits

Yoda: Cornell Notes Method & Online Template

Yoda: Open Source Design Tools