Event: 23-27 OCT 13 Austria Elevate Open Everything

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Anne Roth
Anne Roth


Wednesday, 23.Oct
Dom Im Berg
20:00-22:00 Opening Show: Elevate Open Everything?

Thursday, 24.Oct
Forum Stadtpark
12:00-13:00 Is an open society a free society?
13:30-15:30 Open Democracy
16:00-17:30 Open Source Economy
18:30-20:30 Open Everything?
21:00-23:00 Google and the World Brain (ES,UK/2013)

Marion Breitschopf
Marion Breitschopf

Friday, 25.Oct
Forum Stadtpark
09:30-11:30 Commons-based peer production
12:00-13:30 Linux, Apache, Firefox, Git, …
14:00-16:00 Knowledge is Power, Open Knowledge is Empowerment
17:00-19:00 Democratizing Networked Communication
20:00-22:00 Big Brother Awards Gala 2013

Claudia Garad
Claudia Garad

Saturday, 26. Oct
Forum Stadtpark
10:00-11:30 Me and My Shadow
12:00-14:00 Free Seeds for All!
15:00-17:00 Graz, Open City?
18:30-20:30 Self-determined Production
21:00-23:00 Terms and Conditions May Apply (US/2013)

Iga Niznek
Iga Niznek

Sunday, 27. Oct
Forum Stadtpark
10:00-12:00 Open Source for Seeds?
10:00-17:00 Open Elevate! Care to Share!
Dom Im Berg
15:00-17:00 ORF Dialogue Forum: Open Media
20:00-22:00 Elevate Awards Show

Ulli Klein Gelawi
Ulli Klein Gelawi

Anne Roth
Marion Breitschopf
Claudia Garád
Katrín Oddsdóttir
Iga Niznik
Ulli Klein


Event: 26 SEP 13 London, Syria’s Foreign Fighters


Speaker: Aaron Y. Zelin, Rena and Sami David Fellow, ICSR

Aaron Y. Zelin is the Rena and Sami David Fellow at ICSR and also serves as the Richard Borow Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Zelin’s recent research has examined how global jihadis have reacted to the changing dynamics in the Arab world with a particular focus on Syria, Tunisia, and Libya. He is editor of the widely cited website Jihadology.net, the most important primary source archive for global jihadi materials. He is a frequent contributor to Foreign Policy and The Atlantic, and has authored the New America Foundation’s study “The State of the Global Jihad Online” (2013). He holds a BA in Government and Middle Eastern Studies from Indiana University and an M.A. in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Brandeis University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in War Studies at King’s College London.

When: Thursday, 26 September, 12.30pm

Moderated by: Professor Peter Neumann, Director ICSR

For more information or to attend please email mail@icsr.info

Event: 20-26 SEP 13 Stockholm Global Risk Review — Everything EXCEPT Intelligence with Integrity (Informed Ethics)


Global Strategic Review 2013 opens tonight

The 10th IISS Global Strategic Review conference opens tonight in Stockholm at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre and the Grand Hotel. ‘Assessing Global Risk’ is the theme of the 2013 GSR which runs from Friday 20 September to Sunday 22 September.

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21-22 Nov 2013 UC Berkeley 9th Annual Workshop of the Households in Conflict Network “The Economics of Genocide, Mass Murder and other Atrocities”.


Announcement: 9th Annual Workshop of the Households in Conflict Network “The Economics of Genocide, Mass Murder and other Atrocities”.

The 9th annual workshop of the Households in Conflict Network will take place on the 21-22 of November 2013 at the University of California Berkeley. We invite empirical papers who increase our understanding of the phenomenon of genocide and mass murder. Political economy and theoretical contributions will also be considered. Papers which illuminate the behaviour of people in the institutional context in which they operate are particularly welcome. As in previous workshops, papers who inform us on the micro-economics of violent conflict but do not particularly address the theme of this year are also welcome. Papers should be sent to ninethworkshophicn@gmail.com before September 1, 2013. Further details can be found here.

2013 26 Oct DC OSS Society Donovan Award Dinner

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Please join the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Society  for the presentation of the William J. Donovan Award® to Admiral William H. McRaven USN, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), in Washington, DC, on October 26, 2013. Prior to assuming command of USSOCOM in August 2011, Admiral McRaven served as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command and Special Operations Command Europe. He led Operation Neptune Spear, the special operations raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

In addition to honoring Admiral McRaven, we will also honor veterans of OSS and members of its successor organizations: the Central Intelligence Agency and USSOCOM.

We will have a special musical tribute to Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich who served the OSS by recording songs that were used by its Morale Operations Branch. Maria Riva, Marlene Dietrich’s daughter, will offer a toast to her mother.

We will also commemorate the liberation of the Hotel Ritz in Paris in 1944 by Ernest Hemingway, Col. David Bruce, and members of the French Resistance. When they arrived at the Hotel Ritz shorty after the Nazis had fled the hotel, the manager asked Hemingway if there was anything he could do for them. Hemingway said: “How about 75 dry martinis?”

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