Yoda: Source of Cosmic Life Found — Einstein Was Right — We Are All Energy

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Astronomers have found the source of life in the universe

Every second, a star dies in the universe. But these stellar beings don’t just completely vanish, stars always leave something behind. Some stars explode in a supernova, turning into a black hole or a neutron star, while the majority of stars become white dwarfs, a core of the star it once used to be. However, a new study reveals that these white dwarfs contribute more to life in the cosmos than previously believed.

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Robert Steele: JFK Jr. Is Alive (80%)

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

I keep hearing from multiple sources that JFK Jr. and his wife are not only alive, but an active part of the Trump campaign against the Deep State that assassinated his father and his uncle as well as Martin Luther King and so many others.  So I asked one of my most respected sources this question:

What percentage do you give JFK Jr. and his wife Carolyn still being alive?

This was their answer:

Pretty high. 90%?   With a gun to my head, I’d say alive.

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Yoda: Is 5G Genociding Elephants?

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Alert Reader sent in orginal story.  5G expert Mark Steele (no relation to Robert Steele) comments.

It will be easily confirmed if they do post mortem and find coagulated bloods, fibrosis of the lung, pneumonia type symptoms including edema of the cardiovascular system.

Mark Steele

Have the Elephants had any vaccinations?  This will increase risk and they could have had a pathogen triggered by a set of frequencies.  There is always an increased risk as happens with the 900MHz frequency that increases the Growth rate of Klebesiella Pneumoniae .   Increasing radiation footprint from 5G is the likely cause, lets see if they do any lab testing. Elephants in possibly clean radiation environment exposed to long range Sub GHz 5G are going to suffer significant problems.

Original alarm with many links below the fold.

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James Fetzer: Dr. Eowyn, African-American professor finds more than 2 in 3 hate crimes are fake

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Jim Fetzer

Dr. Eowyn, African-American professor finds more than 2 in 3 hate crimes are fake

When the mainstream media publishes nothing but “fake news” and frequently cites phony statistics and pseudo-science, it is refreshing to have an academician–and a black scholar, to boot!–publish an expose of what’s really going on, because virtually none of these “hate crimes” is real and the looting, rioting and unprecedented vandalism of statues and monuments has no warrant but appears to be part and parcel of an effort to destroy icons of our history and thereby our national identity.

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