QAnon: The Code Revealed – Great Awakening

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This book is a field guide to an important chunk of reality that’s been carefully hidden and wrongly discredited by the media. It reveals an extraordinary movement underway, a battle of epic proportions. Whether you know it or not, you’re involved because the result of this battle will determine the fate of your children and future generations both in America and around the world. However, you may only be vaguely aware of QAnon or “Q,” if at all.

If you value the truth, you will want to learn about the QAnon movement and the battle that is being waged on your behalf to protect you and your children from abuse and enslavement.

BONUS: Stillness in the Storm Short Overview Qanon, Looking Glass and the Ascension Timeline: Could this Pandemic be Leading us to “The Event”?

Tucker Carlson: National Suicide? Spoiler Note: #SavetheChildren?

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Tucker Carlson On Fauci’s Quarantine Call: Pushing “National Suicide” While He Has Job Security

“On the question of this pandemic, Fauci has been wrong repeatedly.”

TIp of the Hat to Zero Hedge.

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Robert Steele: The Movie – Worst Case Deep State Wins — Best Case Trump Triumphs

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader sends in this satire:

The Fauci Fake-Phony-Fraud Pandemic produced by CDC Entertainment Productions and brought to audiences across the globe by Main Stream Media.

Screenplay by Lock-Down Bill Gates


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