Vincent Boccarossa: Deprogamming the Masses

Cultural Intelligence

This topic was suggested to me by a friend who said instead of using the phrase “deep state” that the theme of deprogramming is what people need right now. I responded by saying I will think about it, but also made the relevant point that people are “reacting” to the phrase deep state because the mainstream media hijacked it and spun it in a negative way even going as far as calling President Trump a fascist of the deep state.

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State of the Nation: The Final Debate was VERY revealing!

Cultural Intelligence

The Final Debate was VERY revealing!

The two most obvious perceptions were as follows:

(1) Joe Biden exposed himself as a incorrigibly corrupt career criminal politician who will lie about anything and everything, even when everyone is watching him.

(2) Donald Trump tells it like it is as much as he can get away with and, in so doing, will always risk offending the political establishment and the radical Left.

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Robert Steele: Comment to President Trump

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

REQUEST: everyone who cares to, find at @OSSRobertSteele, retweet:

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Alastair Crooke: US Losing the S&T / Digital Standards War to China, Iran, & Russia

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet, Commercial Intelligence, IO Impotency

The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics 

The prize that America truly seeks is to seize for itself over the coming decades, all global standards in leading-edge technology, and to deny them to China.

China’s intent now is not simply to refine and improve on existing technology, but to leapfrog existing knowledge into a new tech realm (such as by discovering and using new materials that overcome present limits to microprocessor evolution).

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