Cynthia McKinney: How Foreign Governments Control Washington (Video, 1:04:57) — MUST Love and Obey Israel Before You Are Allowed to Serve the USA

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Posted  at YouTube 18 March 2019 – watch before it is censored!

Stephen E. Arnold: Google’s Discrimination Algorithms… PBI: #GoogleGestapo NEEDS a Massive Class Action Lawsuit!

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google and Anti Disinformation

Lest anyone wonder what, exactly, Google is doing to fight disinformation on its platforms, the company has compiled that information in a white paper presented at the recent Munich Security Conference. Techspot tells us, “Google Presents Its Anti-Fake News System in Detail.” Reporter Greg Synek gives us the highlights; we learn:

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X22 Report: Narrative Fight Coming — Censorship is Treason — Includes Q & New Zealand False Flag, John Podesta Role, Elites in Hiding Want Guns Gone

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Phil Giraldi: Talking About Israel The relationship with Israel is poison for the United States

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Read full article by Phil Giraldi at American Herald Tribune. As with all articles in the Middle East negative about Israel, this is CENSORED by Google News.

Election 2020 – Week to 17 MAR 2019

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Sunday, 17 March 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Trump refuses to engage the 73% that did not vote for him, relying on doing more of what he did last time with no new thinking, he could still lose to the right team with the right message — no one now running can lead that team or deliver that message. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump continue to be huge negatives as long as they remain employed in the White House with security clearances.  Trump’s continued engagement in foreign wars and support for Zionist Israel could reduce his base but be partially offset by “Jexodus” (Jews leaving Democrats). Trump is breaking the bank on defense (which is 50% waste and cannot win wars, even veterans see this as criminally insane). Patrick Buchanan is emerging as a giant voice for America’s heartland. The fight will be between nationalist populism and globalist populism — between hold the line (keep our values) and anything goes (let them all in). Trump’s tagging of the Democrats as crazy socialists is working. Kamela Harris is early leader, could end up as VP to Hickenlooper.  Biden-Adams is so luducrous as to inspire pity for Biden. Democratic civil war (progressives versus moderates) could favor Trump if he broadens his outreach beyond his base — if Trump presses for #UNRIG he unifies and mobilizes.  Who is blocking this in the White House? The enemy within — and Trump’s fear of losing.

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Renee Parsons: Is AIPAC in Violation of Federal Election Law?

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Is AIPAC in Violation of Federal Election Law?

While the Founding Fathers did not specify in Article VI that any elected member of Congress should not ‘be bound…’ to another country, any Court in the land will validate that Constitutional intent was that loyalty ‘be bound by oath or affirmation’ solely to the United States.

According to Supreme Court Associate Justice Joseph Story (1812-1845) that those sworn in were  “conscientiously bound to refrain from all acts inconsistent”.  During the American Revolution, General George Washington required all officers to subscribe to an oath renouncing any allegiance to King George III and pledging their fidelity to the United States.

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Robert Steele: President Trump’s Failed Communications — And Alex Jones Has a Point “Stop Social Media Censorship or Lose 2020”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Brad Parscale and Bill Shine don’t know what they don’t know.  Parscale is tripling down on micro-approaches to small donors within the base and its edges while neglecting everyone else because the Trump campaign simply does not have credibility or channels for blacks, suburban women, Latinos, or Independents as well as Libertarians, Constitution Party, and others.  Bill Shine really thinks a state-run TV channel will make a difference, it will not, it will be ignored by the 73% that did not vote for the President.

And now Alex comes in with what I have been saying ever since I coined the term #GoogleGestapo: we need to RICO stomp Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and others like PayPal that are deplatforming conservative and progressive voices that challenge the Israel First narrative, among other false canards of the Deep State.

Alex Jones’ Message to Trump: Stop Social Media Censorship or Lose 2020

The President is simply not serious about broadening the base! My four page Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph, remains REF A — and opposed by the people holding the President back, including Jared Kushner and John Bolton both of whom are secretly working against the President.

Olivia Messer: ‘Kushner, Inc.’: Ivanka ‘Thinks She’s Going to Be President,’ and More Batsh*t Bits From the New Trump Book Excerpts

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‘Kushner, Inc.’: Ivanka ‘Thinks She’s Going to Be President,’ and More Batsh*t Bits From the New Trump Book Excerpts

Olivia Messer, The Daily Beast

  • Ivanka Plans to Run for President
  • Tillerson and Cohn Confronted Jared Over His Conflicts of Interest
  • Everyone at the White House Dislikes the Couple
  • An Aide to Cohn Accidentally Saw the Comey Letter First
  • Jared and Ivanka Are a Huge Distraction to Trump

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OpEdNews: Improving Democracy – Ranked Choice Voting

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Full Poting Online

Improving Democracy: Ranked Choice Voting


Under Ranked Choice, each voter selects up to three candidates on the ballot and notes their order of preference. When the votes are first counted, only the first choice is noted. If no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, then the lowest vote-getter is eliminated. For the next round of tabulation, anyone who voted for the eliminated candidate has their second choice counted. This process is repeated until one candidate wins a majority of the votes.

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Steven Aftergood: CRS on Foreign Agent Registration & Political Warfare (PBI: Half the Story, As Usual)

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Steven Aftergood

Foreign Agents Registration Act: An Overview, CRS In Focus, updated March 7, 2019

Phi Beta Iota: Valuable itemization of the requirements for registration. Unstated but obvious: both AIPAC and ADL are illegally unregistered agents of a foreign power.

Strategic Competition and Foreign Policy: What is “Political Warfare”?, CRS In Focus, March 8, 2019

Phi Beta Iota: High school version of the concept, neglects fact that the US Government does not do holistic analytics or true cost economics, loves regime change as a pay to play profit center for the banks, and lies to the public every single day while the Chinese whip our ass world-wide using peace, commerce, and friendship, the Ron Paul playbook.