Zionists Last — The Photo You Will Want to Keep

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Who are these assholes posturing against the President with hats on indoors?

As we celebrate Easter Sunday, the ascension of Jesus and the official beginning of ARISE USA! The Resurrection Tour, we invite all US Jews to reject Zionism, reject the Red Mafiya and Chabad cult, and join with people of faith to celebrate the Constitution and the separation of church and state. Note to the ADL: register as an agent of a foreign power and all is forgiven.

Shiksas unite! [Shiksas: gentiles / lesser Jews considered whores by Zionists]

Dr. Christiane Northrup: #TruthWeek – Seven Days of Truth About COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity

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Dear Friend, 

Never before in our history, as a species or as a health freedom movement, have we needed unity and solidarity more than we do at this moment! The malicious defamation efforts by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) against several of our movement’s leaders have compelled us to create a united, coordinated and professionally designed “boots on the ground” campaign to fight back against these slanderous mistruths.  This crusade will not be easily censored, but we will need your help.  Only by banding together against censorship and defamation will we have a chance in hell of achieving justice and freedom and having truth prevail.

Please join us by participating in this Truth Telling Week campaign (starting on Easter Sunday)!

The goals of this campaign:

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Robert Steele: Stupid Fuck Award – Susan Benesch for “Dangerous Speech”

Cultural Intelligence

Tip of the Hat to Zero Hedge and Ben Bartee via The Daily Bell for identifying this moron.  People like this should be referred for psychiatric examination and removed from the public ecology of civil intelligence discourse.

Susan Bensch is the first recipient of our new Stupid Fuck Award.

The ‘Dangerous Speech Project’: The Swamp’s Newest Censorship Project

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Joni Patry: Spiritual Insights for April 2021 BOOM BOOM

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The message I keep getting for April is that the people are taking back their power. The powers that control the world are not representing who we are or what we believe. People have to look within and begin to reconnect with their inner guidance. As we approach the spiritual awakening during the month of April we are reminded of the significance of transformation and rebirth like in the mystery of Easter. This time of year symbolizes rebirth as in Christianity, Christ was resurrected from death. All around the world in many religions there are stories of renewal and rebirth during this time. Even the Symbology of the Easter egg represents birth. Know that this time of year brings a new awareness, renewal, and power within each of us.

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