Review: Art, Politics and Dissent–Aspects of the Art Left in Sixties America

5 Star, Communications, Diplomacy, Politics

art politicsEarly Contribution Highly Relevant to Future of Public Diplomacy, August 13, 2008

Francis Frascina

This is a very special book, an early contribution that is sure to be built upon by others. We all urgently need more such books focusing on dissent everywhere, and the role that art, and especially street theater and “public” art as opposed to “commissioned” art, plays in representing the public consciousness and values that stand in opposition to dictatorships, abusive authority, and predatory operations (e.g. by corporations).

I am persuaded that we will finally create a prosperous world at peace when public art and public intelligence (decision support, collective intelligence, wisdom of the crowds) come together and create a public as an immovable object that no external authority can overthrow.

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