Review (DVD): Extraordinary Measures (2010)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Every actor a star including the kids, superb script, April 28, 2010

Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser

Sure, there are tear-jerker moments in this movie, but it is a true story and I give very high marks to the script writer that condensed a much more complicated history into a very smooth movie.

Every single person in this movie is a star down to the kids and especially the young lady playing the oldest child with the disease, and shame on the sponsors of this movie for not giving Keri Russell more credit–she added class and grace and femininity with a touch of family love and sex that was much needed, or this would have been a fat guy and an angry guy taking on the money vultures.

Super movie, take the negative reviews with a huge grain of salt or even better, ignore them.

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