Review DVD: The Hannibal Lecter Collection (Manhunter / The Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal)

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HannibalManhunter is the Red Dragon, all three brilliant, February 1, 2008

Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Julianne Moore

Manhunter actually corresponds to the book featuring the Red Dragon.

This is one of the most interesting mind-thrillers I have ever enjoyed. The books, links below, are also recommended for those whose imaginations can create a richer tapestry than any DVD might offer.

Red Dragon

Silence of the Lambs


The new DVD, Hannibal Rising, is also superb and credible and I review it separately. Here is the link to the book and the DVD.


Hannibal Rising


Hannibal Rising (Full Screen Edition)

Anthony Hopkins is the gold standard, but I must give full credit to the actors in Manhunter and Hannibal Rising, they are superb. While I missed Jody Foster, whose Silence of the Lambs performance was extraordinary, Julianne Moore is amazing, and fully her equal.

This set, both books and DVDs, is for the intellectual connosieur.

Review DVD: The World’s Fastest Indian

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Amazon Page

“A Thoughtful Customer” Says It All,

August 11, 2006
Anthony Hopkins
I can do no more than second the superb review by “A Thoughtful Customer,” with the note that I would not have pulled this movie to watch if it had not had Anthony Hopkins. His participation was for me a guarantee of nuance and value, and the movie proved to be all that “A Thoughtful Customer” discusses.
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