Journal: MILNET Focus on Afghanistan

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Interview With Dutch Major General Mart de Kruif, Former Commander, Regional Command South

Phi Beta Iota: Read every word.  Highlights include:

;1)  Every province is difference (see General Zinni's characterization of the six different Viet-Nam wars in Battle Ready)

2)  Climate and Ops Tempo, not the Taliban, are the major challenge

3)  Taliban losing, resorting more to terror against civilians

4)  NATO works–could not have done AF without NATO C4I

5)  Not a single word about civilian stabilization & reconstruction assistance, which appears to be dead in the water with AID pulling back

Our Conclusion: Having tried and failed at everything else, we are now at the cusp of the “Brass Hour” in both IQ and AF but the military is failing to do the homework needed to present a compelling case for fur a “Berlin Airlift” into both countries that overwhelms the population with what we should have used the first time around: language-qualified Muslim engineers from Indonesia and Malaysia and Turkey, along with a mini-Marshall Plan that wages peace without end.  One Tribe at a Time, Yes, But Bring Peace Goods with You….

Journal: Afghanistan & Iraq–Opportunity Knocks for an Afghan Airlift and a Six-Month Muslim-Centered Multinational Multiagency “Advise & Assist” Transition Toward Departure from Both Countries

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