Reference: General McCaffrey’s Trip Report on AF

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General Barry McCaffrey, USA (Ret)
General Barry McCaffrey, USA (Ret)
Afghanistan Trip Report
Afghanistan Trip Report

After Action Report–General Barry McCaffrey, USA (Ret)

Visit to Kuwait and Afghanistan 10-18 Nov 09

11 pages

Extracted points

01 Phenomenally useful report with too much cheerleading.  This is a 10-year regional war, State Department and AID are pulling out for next several years (too dangerous), costing us roughly half per day what we paid for all of WW II per day.  Allies not really showing up and being effective, less the British.

02  Talked to Generals, Ambassadors, and Ministers–no Captions, no village chiefs.  Nothing in her on intelligence, glosses over the C4I and protocol issues (see Journal: Beyond Weber to Epoch B Leadership).

03  Achilles' heels are multiple: 90% of the logistics come through Karachi, Pakistan and then overland. Without fire support and aviation this war is lost.  Taliban now up to battalion-sized operations and believe they have high moral ground and time on their side.  100% US movement by air.  (See Review: Firepower In Limited War; aviation sounds like a repeat of Viet-Nam; only thing keeping logistics open are the same decision made by NVA in Viet-Nam and by Iran-Syria in Iraq: better to let the Americans bleed themselves to death than cut their main supply line.

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