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June 22, 2007

Peter O'Toole, Vanessa Redgrave

This movie got me through a long delay while waiting for air transport. It is utterly brilliant, chock full of world class actors and actresses, not least of which are Peter O'Toole and Vanessa Redgrave.

This is some of the most serious gifted acting I have seen. O'Toole brought nuance to this role that was unexpected and all the more appreciated for being so.

It struck me as a wonderfully new and refreshing mix of Pygmalion (My Fair Lady), My First Mister, and Love Story, with just a hint of Debbie Does Dallas without the sex.

It makes very good use of fast forward “life in review” in a couple of places.

It addresses love at multiple levels, including old men platonicly loving one another in old age; old men discovering their love for their old wives, and of couorse Peter O'Toole as an old man discovering platonic love with a rough younger woman who is brought out of ugly duckling status by his attentions and coaching. They teach each other how to get the most out of the lives they have.

I will watch this again. It is a keeper.

My First Mister
My Fair Lady
Love Story

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