#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 2


At the meta level, Day 2 saw Bob Brady of Georgia donate $15,000 toward the wrap ($8,500) and travel expenses ($100 a day mostly gas).  God Bless Bob. Note the three books under his arm. #UNRIG is reaching out to David Stockman in particular, but the bottom line is that we must all demonstrate unity in demanding integrity in our government.

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#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 1


Mixed feelings as I sit here in a KOA Campground at 10:30 pm on a fine Tennessee evening. Here is today’s report:

01 We bought the RV. This could not have been done without IndieGoGo, the PayPal donors, and two private donors.  $65K for used RV, after a day of driving it I am well pleased BUT it is noisy, hot, and not not not as much fun as anyone might think.

01 RV designers are idiots. They should all be sent to sea in a Navy 44 going 9 different directions at once in heavy waves.  An RV is a sailboat with four wheels. These morons have not designed lips on tables or dividers in the fridge or the cabinets, so an RV is a trash basket in motion until one makes up for the poor design.  The second idiot assumption is that plugs only need to work when you are stopped and the generator or shore power is on.  Unbelievable how an entire industry can be so stupid for so long.

03 Gas mileage today was 6.4 MPG.  Started at 7219 miles with a full tank, filled up with 34 gallons before coming into the campground, at 7438 miles, a total of 219 miles driven today.

04 Cynthia does NOT want to sleep on this RV, I have told her so already. If we can raise the money she needs a diesel RV that is sound-proof, and no more than two drivers.  I would be glad to have a driver so I could spend time tending to all those that are donating and emailing.  This 33 foot version is a SMALL sailboat.  Two people — a driver and the principal — at most.

05 Had my first two accidents: cut close to a gas station island and the protective steel tube half-closed the large copper exhaust (fixable, no skin damage); and then driving into a WalMarts scrapped the left half of the roof with tree limbs I did not see.  No damage.

06 T-Mobile Hot Spot from my iPhone is working. Only $25 a month (on  top of the $85 a month that EIN pays) for super speeds everywhere they reach — which is not everywhere, especially in the West, will need an AT&T sidebar.

07 KOA Campgrounds is amazing.  Cannot say enough good things about them. Clean, professional, everything a campground should be.  I stopped in some ratholes before finally nesting with KOA.

#UNRIG Update: Inspirational Entertainment at Forthcoming Multi-Million Dollar Fund-Raisers for We the People Unity for Integrity Civics Education Campaign


This utterly brilliant, totally Christian, absolutely patriotic couple has agreed in principle to provide inspirational entertainment at two multi-million dollar fund-raisers being hosted for #UNRIG (Cynthia McKinney and Robert Steele). The first will be in Madison County in mid-August, and the second in Washington, DC in mid-September. Donors of $5000 and up to our Generosity by IndieGoGo campaign — or donating direct via our PayPal/EarthIntel account — are assured front row seats.  Hallie Neill, “a rapturous singing actress” (New York Times) and Theodore Lambrinos,  “a full throated, resonant baritone” (Boston Globe) will entertain with songs celebrating God and Country.

Meanwhile, here is Ray Charles singing what we propose as our new national anthem:

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#UNRIG Robert Steele with David Kamnitzer: Taking Our Country via Holistic Health, Holistic Thinking


Other Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert Steele.