Yoda: Riot Not Slack (Open Source Tool Integration)

yoda with light saberWould you buy a C4I system from the same people that built the F-35 and the USS Gerald Ford? Of course you would. That’s why you are  dysfunctional.

Riot (formerly known as Vector while it was running in Beta) is a new UK-borne app. It’s aiming to bring conversations and productivity tools together, across different apps, and providing the ability to tweak and host your own version by being open source, while also being secure. Riot is built on Matrix, an open standard for decentralized persistent communication. Riot lets teams share data and collaborate on projects across different communication apps and third party tools. It uses Matrix to bridge to external networks such as Slack, IRC, Twitter and Gitter.

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Sep 24

Nik Peachey: Expertise.tv Webinar Tool

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Nik Peachey

Nik Peachey

Useful free platform for anyone who wants to share or sell their expertise through live webinars.

Expertise.tv is one option to consider. A practice account is free forever and provides unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees, webinar recording and storage, simple video content creation, private rehearsal options, and screen sharing for hosts. This free option would be ideal for Elsa, Amel, and Robert to practice with but would demand a time commitment. Enhanced service levels from Expertise.tv are available at $25, $95, and $195 a month, adding what appears to be very useful business development and marketing functionality including automated lead generation, PowerPoint and PDF presentation tools, email and text reminders, calendar booking including individual one-hour coaching engagements, live audience analytics, payments management, and 24/7 support options. Expertise.tv is optimized for leveraging Facebook as a lead generator and amplifier of offered content.

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Sep 24

Stephen E. Arnold: The Dishonesty of Harvard (on Sugar)

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Stephen E. Arnold

Stephen E. Arnold

Above headline by Phi Beta Iota editors. Below is original headline.

Harvard: Does the University Sell What the Customer Wants?

Consider fat and sugar. The answer is my reaction to “Sugar Industry Secretly Paid for Favorable Harvard Research.” For the moment, let’s assume that this article is spot on.

The write up informed me:

As nutrition debates raged in the 1960s, prominent Harvard nutritionists published two reviews in a top medical journal downplaying the role of sugar in coronary heart disease. Newly unearthed documents reveal what they didn’t say: A sugar industry trade group initiated and paid for the studies, examined drafts, and laid out a clear objective to protect sugar’s reputation in the public eye.

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Sep 24