Stephen E. Arnold: AI Enables Cyber Attacks

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Stephen E. Arnold

AI Enables Cyber Attacks

Is it not wonderful that technology has advanced so much that we are closer to AI led cyberattacks? It is true that bad actor hackers already rely on AI to augment their nasty actions, but their AI is not on par with human intelligence yet. Verdict warns that AI powered cyberattacks will be on the rise in the future: “Leveling Up: How Offensive AI Will Augment Cyberattacks.”

A 2020 Forrester report stated that 88% of security leaders believe AI will be used in cyberattacks and over half thought an attack could occur sometime in the next twelve months.

Yoda: It’s Official — UK Boris Is Totally Fucked in the Head — Bans Sex in UK (and No One Objects)

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The Empire whimpers to an end — only masturbation allowed now, no sex allowed for most.

‘Will the cops be setting up stings on TINDER now?’: Eyebrows are raised as government makes sex in your home with a person from another household ILLEGAL (but it’s okay in the garden)

Phi Beta Iota: We don’t make this stuff up.  The Brits have now demonstrated they are so fucked up it is absolutely not worth visiting the UK ever again.

James McCanney: To Prevent Yellowstone Super Volcano, Drain the Lake

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Swarm Of Earthquakes In Yellowstone Renews Fears Of Supervolcano Eruption

The 3 prior super volcanic eruptions (of the dozens of eruptions) all had a lake in the caldera. All of the other eruptions were local minor events. It is the lake following fissures into the magma that initiate the bigger eruptions that then lead to the entire lake draining and that is the cause of the super volcano … pure and simple … we have to drain the lake … why volcanologists cannot figure this our is because of denial. When Krakatoa erupted over a period of several days the water was draining down into the magma chamber and each successive blast caused a larger quantity of water to drain until a huge amount of water turned to steam taking the entire mountain 40 miles into the air causing death and destruction locally and many years without summer. This all can be prevented by draining the lake which is not that hard to do. James McC

J. C. Cole comment in agreement below the fold.

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