Yoda: Kalev Leetaru on Social Media Crimes Against Humanity

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Utterly brilliant, is Kalev Leetaru.

Social Media Imposing Modern-Day Hays Code on Political Speech

In the case of this week’s ban, the story is all the more remarkable because the video in question was actually a cable TV interview with the nation’s leader, meaning that social platforms were in effect banning a major news organization’s reporting. As news is increasingly consumed through social media, the upshot is that the online platform’s acceptable speech rules are being applied to traditional news outlets.

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The Steele Report Has Been Posted

Steele Report

Robert scores Red for Campaign and Zionism, Orange for Message, Yellow for Economy, and a Green for White House.  Topics covered include a special on what books to recommend to wake people up;  COVID-19 review and sure fire healing being blocked; Labor Day deadline for massive indictments from Durham – August surprises;  Election 2020 — UK and Israel are the meddlers, not China, Iran, Russia; Election 2020 –Faith, Family, Freedom versus Sodom & Gomorrah; Election 2020 – President takes ownership of USPS with eye on mail-in ballots?; Censorship by Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube – a Real Threat or a Call to Arms?;  A Bright Future for America: anti-fragile localization, home schooling, plus plus; Beirut Tactical Nuclear Attack by France and Israel;Mike Flynn’s Latest Message.

Robert Steele: Convergence Looms Between Trumpers & Sandernistas, Authentic Blacks & White Patriots

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I am constantly scanning the horizon and am blessed with a very wide network of Alert Readers that are vastly more intelligent, with vastly more integrity, than Google Search, to take one example of online mediocrity.

Enjoy these two pieces. Convergence looms.

Wayne Grudem: Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend

Matt Taibbi (Subscription): Our Man in Cambridge: Whistleblower Steven Schrage reveals what America should have known all along – Russiagate was both crime and farce

Schrage believes voters for Trump and Bernie Sanders have more in common than is usually reported.

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Ed Jewett: Facebook Terminates QAnon

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“… The second largest QAnon group on Facebook has been banned from the platform, the social network announced Thursday. The group, called “Official Q/Qanon,” had nearly 200,000 members at the time of its removal. Facebook said it took the page down on Tuesday. A Facebook spokesperson told Reuters that the group was banned over posts that repeatedly broke the platform’s rules on misinformation, harassment, and hate speech…..”