Jon Rappoport: Individual Freedom Versus Goldman Sachs, Skull & Bones, & Totalitarianism

Antony Sutton, Skull&Bones, Hitler, the Bush family Cartels That Run The World Goldman Sachs, the president of the US The Individual vs. Globalism Phi Beta Iota: The 1% and the Deep State are the enemy. The 99% must unite for integrity. #UNRIG is how we do that.

David Duke: CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zionist Matrix

Lance Schuttler: Liens on Federal Reserve, Trump Plan for Gold Standard? Are Trump, Xi, and Putin Collaborating Secretly Against the Deep State?

Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve: The Key to Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard? While there are certainly forces within the “Deep State“ or “Shadow Government” that obviously oppose any moves to bring back the gold standard and end the Federal Reserve, the timing may be ideal for a massive push to …