Review: In Search of Gold – Recovery of Yamashita”s Gold [in the Philippines]

5 Star, Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Economics, History
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5 Star – Riveting First Person Account

I know the author personally, and was introduced to him by Sterling Seagrave (RIP), whom I also knew personally. Sterling was for me the top chronicler of Asian history both sordid and splendid. One of his books (linked below) that comes with three CDs of maps, photos, and data, is worth multiple trillions of dollars provided the Guardians of the individual sites can be won over.

We are talking about 600,000 tons of metric gold plus jewels and cultural artifacts worth trillions more. Similar treasure stashes are known to be in Indonesia and the Koreas.

I have known the author for close to a decade now, and enjoyed occasional email correspondence. He has always, without fail, passed my smell  test on integrity.

His personal account of the “lay of the land” in the Philippines — where I went to boarding school during the Viet-Nam war, returning to Viet-Nam for Christmas and summer vacations — is in my view both authentic and priceless.

Read this for a gripping personal account of both epic gold treasure adventures that are the real deal — and the depth and breadth of the low level to high level criminals that abound, including Central Bank and Ministry officials who betray President Duterte and the  good people of the Philippines, every single day.

CIA's recovery of some of the buried treasure is what allowed CIA to go totally rogue and create capabilities — criminal capabilities — off-budget. Ending CIA's funding based on stolen gold, drugs, and traffic in children should be a priority for the next Director of the CIA.

The below two books add  context to the above personal account.

Review: Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold UPDATE to Add Links to CDs

Review: Red Sky in the Morning–The secret history of two men who got away – and one who didn’t

It merits comment that CIA ran an illegal “Gold War” against Russia in the 1990's, an undeclared economic war managed by Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan with William Browder as  their lead agent. They subsequently laundered $240 billion in illicit wealth on 9/11, by prior arrangement with Dick Cheney.

Fred Burks: Memorandum for the President: Evidence 9/11 Used to Launder $240 Billion in Covert Securities in a Covert Economic War (Gold War) Against Russia

This is the same CIA that does rendition & torture, drone assassination, and regime change inclusive of election fraud, all over the world — a disgrace to all of us.  We still need CIA — 90% good people trapped in a bad system — but it needs to be purged hard, purged deep.

Robert Steele: UNHINGED — Two Books on Terror Reviewed (Rebuttal, a Book of Lies & Broken!, Truth as Fiction)

Robert Steele: UNHINGED: drone assassination – American suicide

Robert Steele: Rigging Elections – and Worse! The Americans Rigged Our Election, Bribed Our Government, Stole Our Gold, Killed Our Men, Raped Our Women, and Poisoned our Air, Water, and Earth – and You Want to Blame Something on the Russians? (Trump Revolution 25)

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