Berto Jongman: Net Neutrality Comments > 20M

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Berto Jongman

Net neutrality comments top 20 million

The public has filed over 20 million comments to the Federal Communications Commission over its plan to scrap the net neutrality rules.

Berto Jongman: #GoogleGestapo Rocks On After Charlottesville

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Berto Jongman

Tech companies crack down on hate speech after Charlottesville

…many in the tech world wonder where they should draw the line when policing content, fearing the crackdown could lead to censorship.

Jon Rappoport: Australia Bans Truth, Ends Free Speech

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Jon Rappoport

Breaking: Interview with Vaxxed producer who was just banned from Australia 

Polly Tommey, producer of the famous documentary, Vaxxed, has been banned from Australia. If that sounds quite insane—it is.

These Orwellian lunatics want to cancel the public’s right to have access to information. “Don’t think, obey.”
Here is their strategy in a nutshell: they want to equate certain information with shouting fire in a crowded theater and, therefore, claim the right to free speech and free assembly is canceled.

Stephen E. Arnold: The Noisy (Useless?) Internet

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Stephen E. Arnold

Optimizing the Noisy Internet

Humans love to complain, especially the older generations about how their youth was superior to the current day.  Alan Franzoni rants about how the Internet has gotten too noisy in “Stopping The Internet Noise-A Useful Internet Back Again.”  Franzoni complains that the modern Internet is not as useful as the Internet of the 56K modem days.  He lists the ways the old Internet was more productive.  He starts with old Usenet discussion groups and mailing lists.  What he liked about this old discussion boards were that he could subscribe to one application service instead of having to do it multiple times.  He then turns to IRC chatting, citing its superiority because it was a single application with a consistent interface.

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