Stephen E. Arnold: #GoogleGestapo – Russia Demands Google Register its “Agents”

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Stephen E. Arnold

Russia Demands Google Register or Leave

Say, this could be good news for Yandex, the Russian search giant. RT News reports, “Google News Given 3 Mths to Comply with New Law to Stay in Russia.”

If Google fails to register, it could be fined and, eventually, blocked within Russia’s borders.

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Stephen E. Arnold: #GoogleGestapo Defines Censorship Terms

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google and Hate Speech: None of This I Know It When I See It

I read “YouTube Clarifies “Hate Speech” Definition and Which Videos Won’t Be Monetized.” I don’t know much about defining abstractions because I live in rural Kentucky. Our governor just recommended prayer patrols to curb violence in Louisville, home of the Derby and lots of murders on weekends.

Google has nailed down the abstraction “hate speech.” According to the write up, Google’s definition is:

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Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Faces $9B Hit in Europe

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Google Faces $9B Fine in Europe For Manipulating What Users See

An investigation by the European Commission into questionable business practices that directed user searches to Google’s own shopping services is likely to result in a massive anti-competition penalty for the Mountain View, California giant.

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Stephen E. Arnold: New Book, Dark Web Notebook, For Official Use Only

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Book Page

The book is $49 (gov/mil) and verified contractors (com, org). It can only be ordered via [email protected]. The book is, at this time, not available to anyone outside the LE, intel, and security community. I will verify each purchase because the book equips a smart 15 year old to set up a Dark Web business and possibly engage in unlawful activities with less than one hour’s work with a false identity and a means to purchase digital currency. Direct orders only. No Amazon because I cannot vet the purchasers. A person who works at Booz, Allen or similar company will have to pay $199. Work email required.

The Web info page is at