Berto Jongman: Dystopia — When Facebook Owns the Future and Fails Badly

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Berto Jongman

Zed by Joanna Kavenna review – death by algorithm

This brainy dystopian satire sees a tech giant disclaim responsibility for terrifying mishaps befalling citizens of the near future

Berto Jongman: The disinformation age: a revolution in propaganda

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Berto Jongman

The disinformation age: a revolution in propaganda

Troll farms, bots, dark ads, fake news … from Putin’s Russia to Brexit Britain, new methods are being used to change politics and crush dissent. It’s time to fight back


Phi Beta Iota: Not discussed: Mossad control of the mainstream media and Anti-Defamation League control of social media.

Stephen E. Arnold: Facebook Circles of Hell Tipping Point

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Stephen E. Arnold

According to Information (no, that’s the name of an online publication), quite a bit. “Facebook Secret Research Warned of ‘Tipping Point’ Threat to Core App” discloses allegedly confidential information that doom approaches with a Like icon. (We will take a look at secrets let loose in our August 6, 2019, “DarkCyber” video program.) To simplify, Facebook is cannibalizing itself. Without a flow of “real,” honest to goodness users of “old” Facebook, it’s possible for the core service to shrink and maybe die.

Berto Jongman: Think Tank Communications Suck

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Berto Jongman

A new model for think-tank communications

Expert or academic carries out research. Generates rigorous 40-page report. Comms officer is asked to promote said report. Launch event, press release, tweets. Maybe a video. Maybe an infographic.The only problem is that this model doesn’t work.

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ADMIN: Boycott Google Image Format WEBP

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Anyone stupid enough to save an image in webp, Google’s shit image format that prevents re-use of the image, should be shot, dismembered, and buried deep.  When you find a platform using this crap, object.  Amazon, to its great credit, reverted from webp to jpeg for book covers so that reviewers and others could more easily point to the book for sale.

WEBP is part of a plan to fuck everybody by trapping them inside GoogleWorld, and includes hidden formats harmful to living creatures.

Use this free online (and also paid deeper use) file converter:

Good news: the conference bringing together all those who will displace #GoogleGestapo is close to being finalized, Web 3.0 will be available much more quickly than people realize is possible, and possibly by Christmas.

Ed Jewett: GoogleNews Bias Robert Steele: Lawsuit & Displacement of #GoogleGestapo with Four Nested Capabilities (Web 3.0)

Robert Steele: Plans for Displacement of #GoogleGestapo UPDATE 2


Mongoose: 5G Genocide – Ecocide Law Suit Gains Traction

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This legal case against the FCC offers us an unparalleled chance of stopping 5G in its tracks.

The Irregulators, a team of senior telecom experts, are exposing in court the illegal accounting scheme to replace wired networks with wireless and make us pay for it!
EON overview:

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Randy Short: Cities Using Sonic Devices to Attack & Disperse Teen-Agers

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Can You Hear It? Sonic Devices Play High-Pitched Noises To Repel Teens

In Philadelphia, 30 parks and recreation centers are outfitted with a small speaker called the Mosquito. It blares a constant, high-pitched ringing noise all night long — but one that only teenagers and young adults can hear.

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SPECIAL: Robert Steele: Zionist Strike 43 – Ben Garrison Disinvited from the White House

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Zionist Strike 43: Controlling White House, Disinviting Ben Garrison

The Zionists (the genocidal apartheid criminal invented state of Israel and its unregistered agents in the USA including AIPAC and ADL — not to be confused with Jews who uphold the Constitution) are clearly in control of the White House.

We need a national “teach-in” on this distinction, because the stupidity on the White House staff and everywhere else has now reached pandemic proportions.

Below are some headlines about their latest intervention in US affairs, the exclusion of one of America’s greatest cartoonists, Ben Garrison.

This is going to cost the President a portion of his base.

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