1993 Greenwald (US) The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization: Diplomacy’s Cutting Edge

Historic Contributions, Peace Intelligence
Jeff Greenwald
Jeff Greenwald

The matter of unrepresented peoples and nations, the voices not heard, may prove to be the single most important element to be addressed by 21st Century Intelligence.

We now know that prior to the arrival of Columbus in 1492, the indigenous peoples of the Americas had devised a breadth and depth of knowledge that was destroyed by European deseases and predatory invasions.

We now know that the voices of gender, of poverty, of minority, when not heard, cost society diversity of persception and feeling.

With the arrival of the Internet, and of the Nokie cell phone that does not need to be charged (it recharges with ambient energy), the people are, as Howard Zinn has anticipated, “a power government cannot suppress. ”  We live in an “unconquerable world” as Jonathan Schell writes so ably.

Richard Falk, among others, is to be recognized for the pioneering work in the 1970's on the need for assemblies of peoples and of religions.  Similarly, Philipp Allott, in “Health of Nations,” addresses the cosmic damages of the Treaty of Westphalia.  As this is being written, Africa may be emerging as a continent finally able to create an African by, of, and for Africans.

Human Intelligence–all humans, all minds, all the time–NOT technical intelligence–is the future.

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