Review: The O’Reilly Factor–The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life

5 Star, Culture, Research, Politics

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gets Many Big Things Right–But Revolution Fizzles,

October 28, 2001
Bill O'Reilly
This is a really great book with 20 short chapters that span the full range of American life from class, money, and sex to politics, race, religion and personal relations.

There are some really sharp insights here, and a fundamental honesty, that should inspire the majority of voters–those who earn an honest wage and go about their business while being polite to others.
Best of all, O'Reilly has beat the media system and earned the power to tell it as he sees it, without bowing to the censorship that characterizes most news programs today, obsessed as they are with entertainment.
There is a down side–this one man show is just that, and both his own Republican party as well as the Democratic party have both sold out to class, corporate money, and a status quo that has the average tax payer paying for all the perks at the top.
There is a lot of beef to O'Reilly, but as one who agrees with most of what is on his mind, I am left with the unanswered question: where's the revolution? Where are campaign finance reform and a massive turn-out of voters able to take back the government and bring common sense back into government?

O'Reilly talks a good show, let's see if he can take it to the next level and start both a web site and a popular reform movement.
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