Review: Vital Signs–A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It is Not a Hoax (Paperback)

5 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)

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Amazon Page

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Photographs, Light on the Text,

March 15, 2006
Andy Thomas
This is one of two first-rate books on crop circles and their implications for mankind that I recommend. This one is the “coffee table” book, with an absolutely sensational collection of clear color photographs that provide what I believe may be the single best collection of distinct crop circles at distinct times and places on the planet.

This book is however light on the text and the thinking. It should be read in conjunction with “Open Minds: A Journal of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance,” by Simeon Hein, Ph.D.

I am persuaded of three things by these books taken together and my various other readings:

1) The Earth is alive and everything on it is a web of life that has a global consciousness–the butterfly effect and the mind over matter effects are real.

2) There exist other forms of intelligence at least equal if not vastly superior to ours elsewhere, and I speculate from some of this reading that we are a “diversity enhancer” for a larger constellation of planets, and that we may also be failing a longer-term test to determine if we are ready for inter-planetary interaction.

3) There are, between books like this and the many very intelligent people that tend NOT to go into politics, clear possibilities for our rising to the challenge. We simply have not focused as a Collective Intelligence or World Brain, and we need to do so before we destroy our planet and our species.

Both books are almost mesmerizing.

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