Review: NOW Who Do We Blame?–Political Cartoons by Tom Toles (Paperback)

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Amazon Page

Sheer Genius, the People's Poet Cartoonist Laureate,

June 2, 2006
Tom Toles
I start every day with the Tom Toles cartoon in the Washington Post, and consider him to be the Nation's poet cartoonist laureate. I've taken to buying his books as well, for cheer, for reflection, as gifts, and as a collector's item.

The publisher has done this book a real dis-service by not using Amazon's “about the book” information upload capabilities. The table of contents, for example, not provided by the publisher, is provided here to demonstrate that this is a “serious” cartoon book that is both hysterically funny, and poignantly pointed at REALITY. The contents, as organized by the author:

Politics and the Election
Gays and Religion
Law and Regulations
Press and Media
Health and Education
Science and the Environment
Social Security
The Economy and Budget
WMD and Beyond

This is, quite simply, a sensational book. I will end by noting, somewhat pointedly, that Tom Toles' human wisdom as displayed across all these topics, makes a great deal more sense to me than the idiot “banana words” of most Republican and Democratic candidates for any elective office. Tom Toles for President! (I smile–he's too good a man for the job, unless we change the way we elect Presidents).

Consider also Googling for his web site and sharing his daily cartoons with others–Tom Toles is as close as we get in America to the Solidarity movement and samizdat freedom thinkers that broke the back of communism–now we need to break the back of ideological extremism and predatory capitalism, and that can start with the sharing of Tom Tole's great work.

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