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Deceiving and Insubstantial,

August 18, 2006
Dick Morris
After seening and reviewing Fahrenhyte 9/11, I chanced upon this film and watched it. It is deceiving and insubstantial. As the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, including most of the important books about national security, 9/11, oil, and terrorism, I have to state there are exactly TWO points of truth in this shallow stupid little film:

1) the photo of Bush reading a book upside down was a fabrication, Bush was actually listening.

2) Clinton blew it. Correct. Madeline Albright will go down in history for refusing to let her staff report terrorism honestly, and Tony Lake will go down in history for failing to get it right. It bears mention that then Commandant of the Marine Corps Al Gray did get it right, in his article “Global Intelligence Challenges of the 1990's” published in the fall of 1988, but no one wanted to listen.

I am impressed by the teacher of color who was in charge of the classroom that day, recounting how she felt Bush was truly presidential, and wise not to add to the panic by rushing out of the room. Absolutely. Good point.

The rest of this extreme rightist propaganda tract is totally disconnected from reality and the truth. The movie claims that Gore lost because of Nader, and completely ignores the hard documented proof that the Florida leeadership acted to disenfranchise over 35,000 people of color, one reason that the Bush family was so confident, in advance, of victory in Florida. This trashy film fails to address the many angry Representatives and the inert Senate, including Gore, who failed to use the power of Congress to redress the impeachable wrong done to America in 2000 (and again, this time in Ohio, in 2004).

Anything that features snap-shots of Ann Coulter is very likely to be loosely related to the truth, reality, or the public interest.

I am glad I watched this film, because it reconfirms my gravest fears–the extreme right in America now has a propaganda machine more powerful that Hitler's, and a brainwashed following more lethal than the Hilter Youth. This is seriously troubing stuff.

I gave Moore four stars, one star down for being too glib by half. That's an honest assessment. This shallow little movie gets two stars, and both of those are for reflecting what is in the small minds of the nutty right.

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