Review: The Bluebird Monitor’s Guide to Bluebirds and Other Small Cavity Nesters (Paperback)

5 Star, Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design

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The Single Best Book on Bluebirds,

August 16, 2006
Jack Griggs
We have so many bird books my wife routinely says “don't get me another bird book,” but this one made the grade. It is absolutely riveting and held me spell-bound in the bookstore.

We were devastated when a late frost wiped out the bluebird population for miles around. It took three years for them to recover.

For all of our experience with blue birds, our favorite, this book is world-class in three ways:

1) The photographs cover the hard to see inside the next information in a brilliant manner. This is one of the finest collection of photographs in support of text I have ever seen.

2) The monitoring aspect was new to us, and very interesting to understand.

3) The hardware section is really well put together and illustrated, and taught me that there are humane ways to deal with sparrows and others. Our solution works as well: we provide five boxes around the property, and this seems to have worked well in ensuring that our bluebirds get first choice and then everyone else has options.

Good index. I have been through the book several times now, and each time I find something new.

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