Memorandum: USSOCOM Software List and STRONG ANGEL TOOZL

Reform, Technologies, Tools

In 1985 CIA knew all it needed to know to create the all-source analytic workstation.  It never happened for all the reasons that continue to  incapacitate the DNI today.

Ref: Computer-Aided Tools for the Analysis of S&T (CATALYST)

In 1988 the USMC knew everything it needed to know to create the all-source analytic workstation, and an Admiral without ethics killed the winning proposal at the Joint National Intelligence Development Staff (JNIDS).

Ref:  Workstation Requirement.

In 2004 DARPA’s STRONG ANGEL knew all it needed to know, and Dr. Dr. Dave Warner (PhD MD) offered up TOOZL as a model

The One Ounce Laptop (TOOzL)
TOOzL is available courtesy of the Mindtel Project. It is a package of open-source software that enables one to carry critical communications and office productivity tools (and corresponding data) on a USB stick. Download the software from Mindtel.

In 2006 USSOCOM had over 23 softwares in its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) shop, none of them integrated.  Click on the image for the two-page memorandum.

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