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World Water CouncilWWC was established in 1996 in response to increasing concern from the global community about world water issues. Its mission is to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, to facilitate the efficient management and use of water in all its dimensions and on an environmentally sustainable basis.


Worldwater.orgWorld Water is a site dedicated to providing water information, data, and resources to individuals, organizations, and institutions working on solutions to a wide range of global freshwater problems.  Site includes water data, water conflict chronology and bibliography, and links to other resources.


WaterAid UKWaterAid is an international charity dedicated to helping people escape the stranglehold of poverty and disease caused by living without safe water and sanitation.  Founded by the UK water industry in 1981, WaterAid developed into a leading water and sanitation charity.  Includes links to several other WaterAid sites, including The Right to Water, the International Site and several fund raising pages.


UNESCO Water Portal The site provides links to the current UNESCO and UNESCO-led programmes on freshwater and will serve as an interactive point for sharing, browsing and searching websites of water-related organizations, government bodies and NGOs, including a range of categories such as water links, water events, learning modules and other on-line resources.


The Water PageThe Water Page is an independent initiative dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resources management and use.  A particular emphasis is placed on the development, utilization and protection of water in Africa and other developing regions.  Site features disasters, water in religion, groundwater, rivers and regions and water policy and law.


Water ConserveWater Conserve is a Water Conservation Portal dedicated to protecting and conserving drinking water and ecosystems worldwide – with a genuine Internet water search engine, constant water news and link tracking, and biocentric commentary.


International Water Management InstituteIWMI is nonprofit scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in agriculture and on the water needs of developing countries. The objectives are to identify the larger issues related to water management and food security; develop, test and promote management practices and tools; clarify the link between poverty and access to water;  and to help developing countries build their research capacities.


International Desalination Association IDA is committed to the development and promotion of the appropriate use of desalination and desalination technology world-wide by encouraging research and development, exchanging, promoting communication and disseminating information. The IDA publishes periodicals and related information on the desalination and water reuse industry. IDA also sponsors several specialized seminars and workshops in different regions of the world during the year and holds Congresses every two years.


WHO – Water, Sanitation and HealthWHO works on aspects of water, sanitation and hygiene where the health burden is high, where interventions could make a major difference and where the present state of knowledge is poor:  Drinking-water quality; Bathing waters; Water resources; Water supply and sanitation monitoring; Water, sanitation and hygiene development; Wastewater use; Water-related disease; Healthcare waste ; Emerging issues in water and infectious disease.


Global Policy Forum – Water In ConflictAs demand for water hits the limits of finite supply, potential conflicts are brewing between nations that share trans-boundary freshwater reserves. More than 50 countries on five continents might soon be caught up in water disputes unless they move quickly to establish agreements on how to share reservoirs, rivers, and underground water aquifers. The articles and analysis featured on the site examine international water disputes, civil disturbances caused by water shortages, and potential regulatory solutions to diffuse water conflict.


U.S. Geological Survey – Water Resources of the U.S.The Water Resources’ mission is to provide reliable, impartial, timely information that is needed to understand the Nation’s water resources. WRD actively promotes the use of this information by decision makers to; minimize the loss of life and property as a result of water-related natural hazards, such as floods, droughts, and land movement; effectively manage ground-water and surface-water resources for domestic, agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational, and ecological uses;.

Protect and enhance water resources for human health, aquatic health, and environmental quality. and contribute to wise physical and economic development of the Nation’s resources for the benefit of present and future generations.


U.S. Water NewsIn addition to a great deal of advertising, there are regularly updated water-related news reports and an extensive archives section with stories on water supply, policy/legislation, conservation, water quality, litigation/water rights, and global waterfront.


Middle East Desalination Research CenterThe mission of the MEDRC is to conduct, facilitate, promote, co-ordinate and support basic and applied research in water desalination technology and supporting fields, and to raise the standard of living in the Middle East and elsewhere by cost reduction and quality improvement in the technical processes of water desalination.


International Water Law ProjectBased at Texas Tech University School of Law, the IWLP website was created to provide pertinent information on international water law and policy and related topics. Specifically, it offers treaties, articles, news stories, case law, Internet links, and other relevant information. Many of the materials, such as treaties and articles, are offered in full text.


Centre for Ground Water StudiesThe Centre for Groundwater Studies is a joint venture in Australia for groundwater research, education and training.  Site includes research and education information, links and publications.



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